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From Chalkboard to Cutting-Edge: Choosing the Right Interactive Flat Panel for Your School

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years. With this, our everyday lives might have become automised but it requires the equal effort and willingness of individuals to adapt to technology. Educational institutions are one of the most impacted industries since how we learn and produce knowledge has taken a more innovative approach, quite different from its traditional methods. Teachers and Professors use various tools like LMS systems, cloud-based and distanced learning, interactive panels for education, and much more. 

Let's discuss about Interactive Panel for Education, one of the most revolutionary additions that has changed the lives of students all over the globe.

An Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFP) is like a giant touchscreen on a wall that combines a whiteboard, projector, and computer. Educators often use it in schools, offices, and teamwork spaces to make presentations more exciting and learning more interactive.  Now, why is it cool? Because of its multiple features. Here are a few:


Students and teachers can swipe, pinch, and even draw on an interactive panel for education, it makes learning much more fun since the touchscreen makes the task easier for interaction. Since every person is used to smartphones, the familiarity provided by an interactive flat panel is more inclusive. 

Drawing Tools

This feature is particularly valuable in educational settings because educators always highlight information (for better note-taking methods), solve problems interactively, and emphasize key points during presentations. It encourages a more dynamic and creative approach to learning and communication.

Multi-Touch Options

Multi-touch functionality is supported by interactive panels for education, allowing simultaneous interaction by multiple users at the same time in a classroom environment, that is what makes it so inclusive! The display is transformed into a space where collective participation and knowledge sharing by students, colleagues, or team members is more fun. The overall communication and engagement are smooth, enhanced by the multi-touch support, be it in group discussions, problem-solving activities, or collaborative projects. 

Remote Learning

Whether miles away or in a different city, students can connect to the Interactive Panel for Education to participate in real-time discussions in a classroom along with other students, team up on projects with classmates despite being far away, and actively engage in lessons irrespective of their physical presence in the class. The IFP allows interactive problem-solving, even for live questions and creates an immersive learning experience for each child, by making remote education both accessible and interactive.

Did you have a burning question during the lesson? No worries. You can ask your question live through the interactive flat panel. It's like raising your hand in a physical classroom, but now you're doing it digitally. 


Sometimes you might miss a class, and that's okay. The panel can even record lessons to make it available for later, students can watch it by simply connecting their devices. It is a cool way to have revision sessions too without making the teacher explain it all over again. Often, teachers can record lessons too beforehand, in case they are not available to take a class.

Digital Library 

Think of the Interactive Flat Panel Display as a digital library on a big touchscreen. It's not just a board – it can show digital books, videos, and educational stuff right there. Instead of going to a physical library and going through the lengthy process of issuing a book (which can be done only after the class ends), teachers can go the extra mile and bring the library to their students through the IFP. They can see and interact with all kinds of digital learning resources, making learning more interesting and accessible. It's like having a whole world of information at your fingertips during class, without needing to grab a physical book from a shelf.

Safety and Durability

Since such a touchscreen is an expensive investment on the part of the institutions, it must be regularly updated and maintained. The best part about Interactive panels for education is the added layers of measures that can increase their longevity while making it safe for everyone to use. For example, it might have features such as scratch resistance and anti-glare coatings, making sure the touchscreen works smoothly despite how frequently it is being used, low blue light emission, reducing eye strain during prolonged usage, and much more. 

Although an interactive panel is a great technically advanced addition to a classroom, it can only impact learning, values and productivity among students through a teacher's guidance.

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