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What is the Difference Between a Whiteboard and An Interactive Whiteboard

Technology constitutes an important and integral part of the education sector as a whole. It contributes towards supporting the education method of students by providing them with tools that can be incorporated in their daily studies. The use of an interactive whiteboard can be constituted to be one such efficient tool.Through the help of interactive whiteboards in the classroom it becomes easier for teachers to engage the students with classroom learning.

The presence of interactive whiteboards in the classroom, also allows students to become more curious about the content and start asking questions that can help in their overall development. Hence it is quite obvious that there are a lot of advantages with having interactive whiteboards in the classroom. However it is essential to understand that teachers should have complete knowledge about what is whiteboard and how to use it. not being able to have clarity about what is whiteboard, its uses and functions may make it difficult for the teachers to use it to its best potential. Also knowing what is whiteboard and what is interactive board, and the difference between them will make it easier for the teachers to manage it in the class.

What is an interactive whiteboard?

Before we proceed further to learn about the advantages of interactive whiteboard and the difference between whiteboards and interactive whiteboards, first we need to understand what is an interactive whiteboard.

The answer to what is an interactive whiteboard, in simple terms it is a medium of digital learning having an advanced display system. It is mostly an electronic whiteboard that makes it possible for teachers to create an interactive classroom session. The question of what is an interactive whiteboard can also be defined as a board that allows the use of audio and visual elements to make learning easier for the students. Aside from the teachers it is also important for students to know about what is interactive board, so that they can use this whiteboard in their daily learning activities. Hence, the importance of learning about what is interactive board is essential in this current environment, especially when technology and education is working side-by-side.

Difference Between Whiteboard and Interactive Whiteboard

There is a distinct difference present between whiteboards and interactive whiteboards that needs to be understood clearly. The traditional whiteboards mostly refer to simple white surfaces with teachers writing down notes and teaching content to the classroom. On the other hand, interactive whiteboards refer to digital surfaces that are sensitive to touch and provide several capabilities and features to make education engaging.

When compared to normal whiteboards, there are several uses of interactive whiteboard present.The uses of interactive whiteboard includes developing interactive presentations and using audio and visual medium to teach content for the classroom. At the same time,  the uses of interactive whiteboard also includes the use of projectors to showcase presentations as well as using interactive quizzes to make learning fun for the students.

Another distinct difference that can be highlighted is that, while traditional whiteboards  cannot provide visual and audio support to the students during the learning process, they are required to help manage everyday activities in the classroom. On the other hand, digital whiteboards have a variety of functions that can help manage cereal needs of the students. It not only supports the teachers and uses interactive teaching methods in the classroom to improve logical ability of the students, but also helps the students to become more curious about their class content. At the same time using the interactive teaching methods makes it possible for teachers to provide better insight on the content in terms of more references to the base learning material. Lastly, the interactive teaching methods used allows for students to become more engaged with the classroom, like asking questions and engaging with the answers.

Advantages of interactive whiteboard

There are several advantages of interactive whiteboard present that need to be properly assessed and understood. Let's take a look at a few advantages of interactive whiteboard that are the most prominent when it comes to using this technology.

  1. One of the major advantages of interactive whiteboard is that it is that they are affordable. It is a more budget friendly option compared to other advanced whiteboards.
  2. It is also very easy to understand and utilize and use in the classroom without any challenge.
  3. It is easily available and teachers and students can have easy access to it.
  4. It has a variety of features and functionalities that makes it easy for teachers to manage the learning process.


In conclusion, the integration of technology, particularly interactive whiteboards, into the educational landscape has brought about significant advancements in teaching methodologies and student engagement. Interactive whiteboards serve as powerful tools that facilitate dynamic learning experiences, enabling educators to foster a more interactive and immersive classroom environment.

Understanding the essence of interactive whiteboards is pivotal for both educators and students alike. For educators, possessing comprehensive knowledge of these digital learning mediums empowers them to leverage their full potential effectively. Conversely, students benefit from grasping the concept of interactive whiteboards, as it equips them with the skills to actively participate in their learning journey.

In essence, embracing interactive whiteboards in educational settings heralds a paradigm shift towards more dynamic and effective teaching methodologies. By harnessing the capabilities of technology, educators can unlock new avenues for student learning, ultimately fostering a more enriched and interactive educational experience for all stakeholders involved.

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