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Library Teacher- A Complete Guide

Who is a Librarian?

A librarian is a professional who works in a library, providing users with access to information or any kind of guidance they may need within the library. In the 21st century, the number of librarian jobs is increasing rapidly as people are getting more aware of the importance of reading books and having the right information. Both government as well as private schools highly demand and recruit top librarians in order to help their students with the right study material. Since the world of education is rapidly shifting online, the scope for librarian jobs has increased. Providing students with the right study material online, suggesting them good books to read in order to stay motivated, library teachers play an important role in running the school smoothly just like any other subject teacher.

What are the duties of a Librarian?

  • The first and most crucial responsibility of a librarian is creating a user-friendly organization of information resources. Students or individuals should be able to fulfill their requirements easily without much hassle. This is the responsibility of a library teacher.
  • Students or individuals may have a lot of questions at times, regarding the best books to read, the number of books written by one particular author, different volumes or versions of books, etc. Answering these questions also comes under the duties of a librarian.
  • Keeping up with the most recent publications is a major responsibility of a librarian. Students, as well as teachers, can not compromise with the study material and they always demand the updated version of every book. Hence, a librarian makes sure to provide each and every candidate with the right information and updated study material.
  • Librarians also organize events like “reading competition”, etc in order to promote reading or reading groups. The role of a librarian and their responsibilities are wonderful.

Which is the best Librarian Course?

Every candidate who wishes to become a librarian keeps looking for the best librarian course in order to become a good librarian. The best course for such candidates is ‘Bachelors of Library Science’ or commonly known as ‘B.Lib’. This is a one-year undergraduate degree program and to pursue this course, the candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized university. Most universities give admission to candidates on the basis of their merit. The average fee for this librarian course starts from INR 10,000 and reaches up to INR 40,000. There are many top universities that do have librarian courses for the candidates, LNCT University(Bhopal), Guru Kashi University(Bhatinda), Apex University(Jaipur), Mandsaur University(Madhya Pradesh), IES University(Bhopal) to name a few.

Syllabus of Librarian Course?

The main objective of any librarian course is to help the candidates gain relevant knowledge and skills in order to ace their role. Therefore, all the subjects that are a part of any librarian course are chosen in order to enhance the candidate’s knowledge. Here are the few subjects that a candidate will read if they wish to pursue a Bachelor of Library Science.

  • Library and society
  • Information Science
  • Digital Libraries
  • History of Library
  • Cataloguing
  • Classification of Books
  • Modern Library Services
  • Emerging Issues in library system
  • Library legislation
  • Types of libraries- professional associations & organizations
  • Library & Information profession
  • Information & communication

Perks of being a Librarian?

1- Librarians can earn a decent amount of money as the competition in this field is not very high. Schools or institutions do pay a good amount of salary as well as incentives to the candidates associated with them.

2- Since most of the libraries are located within the school or institution’s premises, librarians do have a perk of working from indoors. They don’t have to work from the field as physical education teachers. They can work from a comfortable space.

3- Librarians are surrounded by an ample number of books, study materials, or resources. They can enhance their knowledge through reading or going through those books. It is like- they have an ocean of knowledge, all they have to do is dive in that ocean.
"No matter what question you ask a librarian, you can trust they’ll find you the right answer.”

Happy Teaching!

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