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NQT-National Qualifier Test

'What is NQT, What is its full form, What is the eligibility criteria for giving the NQT exam, etc." The internet can be seen flooded with several questions about NQT. People are curious to know about the exam and its details. If you are someone with the same questions in mind, this article is for you.

What is NQT?

NQT stands for National Qualifier Test also known as TCS NQT. It is a National-level examination that is conducted twice a year. The exam tests the candidates on the basis of their skills and potential. The purpose of this exam is to fulfill the hiring requirements of the companies by matching them with the right candidates. In short, the National Qualifier Test can be understood as a bridge between the corporates and the potential talent. Appearing for the exam can provide the students with great learning and job opportunities. The exam helps the right candidates in matching with their dream company.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Appear for National Qualifier Test?

In order to appear for the National Qualifier Test, the candidates need to fulfill the eligibility criteria set for the exam. Here is the criteria for the same-

1- The candidates must hold a graduate degree or a postgraduate degree with the minimum passing marks to be eligible for the exam.
2- In order to appear for the National Qualifier Test, having a diploma degree will also work for the students.
3- The candidates who are in the final or pre-final year of their respective educational degrees can also appear for the National Qualifier Test.
4- Students with a degree in any discipline can appear for the test. For instance, the candidates with a B.tech degree can appear for the test and the candidates with a BA or B.Sc degree can also appear for the National Qualifier Test.
5- An important point to note is that the candidates appearing for the National Qualifier Test must be freshers.
6- The candidates with two- years of job experience can also appear for the test.

What is the Exam Pattern for the National Qualifier Test?

The National Qualifier Test examines the candidates on the basis of various skills, cognitive skills, and programming skills majorly. The cognitive skills, the candidates must ace in verbal ability, reasoning ability, and numerical ability. For programming skills, the candidates must have programming logic and coding skills. The question paper of the exam is divided into various sections having multiple questions. Here is the number of questions that each section contains-
Verbal Ability- 24 questions
Reasoning Ability- 30 questions
Numerical Ability- 26 questions
Programming Logic- 10 questions
Coding- 2 problem statements

Preparation Tips for the National Qualifier Test

With the right mindset and positive attitude, achieving every goal is possible. All a candidate needs to qualify for the National Qualifier Test is putting in the required hard work and effort. Here are a few tips that are sure to help the candidates in acing the National Qualifier Test.

Maintain a balanced study routine- In order to stay motivated in the long run, students should maintain a study-life balance. Exam preparation requires a lot of devotion, concentration, and focus. However, having a well-balanced study schedule will undoubtedly benefit the applicants. Taking care of one's family, conversing with friends, playing games, and going for walks may all aid applicants in better preparation for the National Qualifier Test.
Understand the syllabus thoroughly-
The first rule of battle is to thoroughly understand your adversary. As a result, in order to pass any test, whether teaching or non-teaching, applicants must be quite familiar with the exam format. They should be aware of the importance of each subject and issue and keep track of it. Candidates should be well-versed in the topics so that they can assess their preparation at the last minute. It's also important to have a road map of the test syllabus so you don't forget to prepare for any topics.

Appearing for the National Qualifier Test will also ensure less exploitation of the candidates by providing them the right wages that they deserve for their work.

We wish you all the bet, thank you for reading!

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