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NTT Course- A Guide

NTT course (Nursery Teacher Training) is a diploma course for persons who desire to teach kids in the pre-primary or nursery grades. It is designed to assist persons who want to be preschool teachers in facilitating the young brains of nursery school children. The NTT course teaches numerous techniques to teachers who participate in this training course to help in the cognitive, physical, and social development of young students. This article will discuss all important details related to the NTT course, along with career opportunities after completing the training program.

What is NTT?

The Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training, sometimes known as the NTT course, is a one-year diploma program. The course's major goal is to provide training for India's nursery school teachers. The course seeks to improve the quality of pre-primary education. Children's education, nursery level subjects, teaching methods, and communication are among the topics covered by NTT students.

Candidates must complete the 12th examination in any stream with at least 50% marks to be eligible for the NTT course. Admissions to this program are primarily based on a merit list. However, a few colleges may decide to conduct an entrance examination for admissions to this course.

Why Should You Take the NTT Course?

The following are some advantages of taking the NTT course:

  • Job Opportunities: Graduates of the Diploma in NTT course can find work in nursery schools and preschools. According to research, India has approximately 35000 preschools. Thus, it emphasises the employment opportunities for preschool teachers in India.
  • Pay Scale: The average pay for a Diploma in NTT graduate is around 3 lakh per year, but this varies depending on experience and location. The national average monthly salary for NTT teachers is around 21050. They are eligible for extra benefits, such as PF, DA, ESI, and so on, in addition to their pay.
  • Satisfaction: Nursery school teachers work with kids who have only recently begun formal education. They play a crucial part in shaping children's morality, character, and habits. As a result, they contribute to the nation-building process while increasing individual job satisfaction.
  • Entrepreneurship: Candidates who complete the NTT course will have the option to become entrepreneurs. If they meet the requirements, they will be given the option to franchise various preschools in India.

Who Should Apply for the Diploma in NTT Course?

  • Those interested in becoming school teachers should enroll in the NTT Course.
  • Those who want to work in the Indian education system at the elementary level should enroll in the course.
  • Those interested in pursuing a profession as a counselor for the benefit of students should apply for the program.

Education and Skills Required for NTT Course

A minimum of 50% in the 12th board exams from any recognized board and institution in any stream is required for admission to the one-year NTT course.

The following are the most critical skills that one must exhibit to enroll for the NTT course:

  • A lot of energy and excitement when working with young, energetic children
  • An attitude of compassion and friendliness
  • Patience for all the students in the class and a strong desire to work as a teacher
  • A keen eye for detail and, most importantly, great communication skills in a child-friendly language

NTT Course Admission Process

Every year, around June, admissions for the Diploma in NTT courses are held. However, due to the pandemic, it has been postponed this year. Admission for the NTT courses takes place through online applications, so one must have a laptop or smartphone with a strong internet connection. The following are some things that candidates should keep in mind during the application process; make sure you follow all the processes outlined below:

Step 1: Candidates must go to the websites of the various NTT universities to review the eligibility requirements and application process.

Step 2: Register yourself on the website and complete the NTT application form after going through all the instructions.

Step 3: When you fill out the application form, you must upload documents such as your Aadhaar card, a photograph, and your 10th and 12th-grade sheets.

Step 4: Candidates must pay the application fee and retain a copy of the receipt for future reference.

Step 5: After that, the college will compile a final list of qualified candidates who must confirm their admittance by paying the fees and enrolling in the NTT course.

Top Colleges for Diploma in NTT Course

The following is a list of prominent Indian colleges that offer the Diploma in NTT program:

  • Om Prakash Joginder Singh University
  • Guru Nanak National College, Doraha
  • Janaki Devi Vocational Centre, New Delhi
  • Singhania University, Jhunjhunu
  • The Global University, Itanagar
  • Rama College of Education, Meerut
  • Amity Institute of Behavioral and Applied Science, Noida
  • Agra College of Management and Technology, Firozabad

These are a few popular universities that offer Diploma in NTT courses. Candidates may also enroll in online NTT courses if they are not comfortable with physical classrooms.

Jobs and Salaries After NTT Course

Given the unique nature of education offered by the degree, the employment opportunities for Diploma in NTT are highly specific. Educational institutions such as preschools, regular schools and daycare that hire NTT teachers make up most of the job sector. The national average monthly salary for NTT teachers is around 21050, which varies depending upon the candidate's profile and nature of the organization. NTT course graduates are usually employed as assistant teachers, nursery teachers, home tutors, and pre-primary teachers. The top recruiters for NTT teachers are Delhi Public School, Little Elly, Euro Kids, Kidzee, Indus Early Learning Centre, and many more.


Candidates who complete the Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) course have the choice to go straight to work or continue their studies. In terms of jobs, candidates should look for numerous internships with top preschools to expand their experience and the general depth of their CVs. Apply for the Diploma in NTT if you have the requisite skills to teach young children and want to build a teaching career.

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