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Senior Secondary Exam Preparation - Tips for Teachers


Higher secondary education is also referred to as senior secondary in certain places. Senior secondary school is from 10th grade to 12th grade. This is a very particular phase in a student’s life where they are starting to study and learn on their own, and this is where a teacher’s role becomes quite significant. The role of the teacher in this situation will be less of teaching and more about guiding the students through this phase of uncertainty.

How Teachers Can Help Students in Their Exam Preparation

One of the most important things that teachers can help their students with is with respect to their exam preparation. When a student makes the conscious decision to start studying on their own, often times what happens is that the students might have the intent to excel but seem to fail or falter because of a lack of guidance. So, given below are a few things teachers can do when it comes to helping students prepare for their senior secondary exams.

Conduct Revision

As a teacher, you can conduct a revision of what you have taught to the students as a means of brushing up the students’ memory. Revisions may seem strenuous and annoying to some students but it will definitely help them remember topics and concepts that they would have otherwise forgotten in the course of the year. This can help children who have a hard time remembering a lot of information together over a long period of time.

Make Students Attempt Previous Years Question Papers

Students can attempt previous years question papers, either in the presence of the teacher or as homework. More often than not, a large chunk of the questions asked for a particular board or university exam can be found recurring in previous years question papers. This is because certain portions of the syllabus are so important that the people who set the question paper cannot ignore it. These questions will therefore be inevitable in the exam they will be attempting. In addition, it will help the students get used to the exam pattern.

Help Them Make A Study Plan

A study plan is a plan for students that will help them study their portions in a systematic way. Teachers can help students create a study plan that works for them. Study plans are quite personal, because different people study different things at different times. Some students will prefer burning the midnight oil, while others might find it more convenient to wake up in the morning to study. Some students might be more inclined to studying a lot together and then taking a break while some might like to take things slow and steady. Each student is different and so will their study plan. Make sure that the students make a little room for themselves in their schedule so that they do not burn themselves out in the process.

Stress Busters

Help the students get some stress off their mind by making them play some games in the class. It can be individual competitive games like crossword puzzles, but it can also be group activities like dumb charades. You can even make a game where the students divide themselves into teams and ask each other questions from within the syllabus. This can be both informative as well as fun for the students.

Mock Tests

Mock tests always help students prepare for the exam. Conduct a properly timed mock test of the exam they are going to attempt a reasonable amount of time before the actual exam. This gibves the students an idea about how much time they will take for each question, how difficult the exam might be, and how much they can attempt. Make sure that the mock test mirrors the actual test in length, duration and difficulty so that the students do not feel apprehensive when they attempt the actual test.


At the impressionable age of 15 to 17, all students need a role model and if a teacher can be that for them, it would be instrumental in their success in the future. It is therefore imperative that the teacher take the task at hand with utmost caution and be extra careful when it comes to motivating students and helping them. However, a helping hand can definitely go a long way.

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