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Online Education and Academic Performance

Innovative use of technology has had a positive impact in every field and contributed towards enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the processes involved. Similarly, in the field of education, the use of technology can be immensely helpful in making teaching and learning more simple, effective, and economical. These factors have contributed to the monumental increase in the adoption of Ed-tech across the globe. Even though the rapid adoption of online education left some educators perplexed about how to teach online, the relentless efforts on part of educators to familiarize themselves with technology coupled with the enthusiasm of developers to simplify the online teaching process, however, resulted in wider adoption of online teaching. Online classes have registered a spike through out the world and the advantages that it brings to the table cannot be sidelined.

The most critical aspect of teaching is enhancing the students’ academic achievement and ensuring that they utilize their potential. The gold standard metric for a teaching methodology is its effectiveness in bringing about a positive impact on student learning outcomes. It is becoming increasingly clear that online teaching and the use of educational technology can do wonders for improving student achievement in the classroom. Here are some aspects through which online teaching can be immensely helpful in improving students’ academic achievement.

Improved Communication

Communication is an important pillar of a student-teacher relationship. Online teaching allows educators to communicate with their students as and when required as opposed to traditional offline education, where they get to communicate with their students only for a fixed amount of time each day. Teachers can share valuable resources with the students in real-time via online teaching platforms.


Online teaching provides students with the freedom to access a vast amount of knowledge and online learning resources. Any student can access study material, recorded lectures, and supplementary learning resources from anywhere at any time using online teaching platforms. With so many great learning resources, any student can learn a concept with utmost clarity.

Enhances Student Engagement-

The use of technology in education opens doors to the integration of futuristic teaching tools such as Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. Virtual reality provides an immersive learning experience to the students. Augmented reality goes a step beyond virtual reality. It increases the interest of students and makes their outlook towards learning positively. Student engagement increases by leaps and bounds as they get to experience a whole different world of learning. Many students have trouble comprehending the English language to a level that is necessary for gaining clarity in the concepts. Such students, even though not for their lack of intelligence or efforts, often have trouble understanding the concepts being taught. Virtual reality can prove to be a godsend for such students as it removes the language barrier and promotes learning through visualization. All in all, the incorporation of VR in the classroom is a great way of enhancing student learning outcomes.

Supports a wide variety of Learning Styles-

Each student is unique. What works for one student may not work for others and vice versa. The most effective teaching strategy is to prepare lessons that are versatile and support multiple types of learning techniques. This is where online teaching can be helpful as it provides educators with the tools to design truly versatile courses which support multiple learning styles. For instance, teaching in a traditional offline classroom typically engages students who are proficient at one or two learning styles, say, via written and spoken. Online teaching on the other hand allows educators to design course content that includes audio, video, text, graphics animations, and likewise. Therefore, students with varied learning styles engage with the study material which helps in improving the student learning outcomes.


Online teaching provides the flexibility to teach and learn from anywhere at any time. Therefore, students can learn at a time and place where they feel the most productive and can concentrate. This leads to better academic performance.

Therefore, it is evident that online teaching contributes towards improving student learning outcomes and academic performance. It is for this reason that online teaching is growing to become the preferred mode of education among teachers and students alike, all across the world.

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