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Online Teaching Apps for Home Tuitions

Gone are the times when a teacher had to teach a few students in a class. Gone are the times when a student had to come first to get the front bench in the class. Now one can teach from the comfort of home, hundreds of thousands of students. Now a student has access to the best of teachers and courses from anywhere in the world. This is all possible because of the technological advancements in the education sector. Online teaching apps for home tuitions are a big boon to the teachers and students in this tech-savvy era. Covid-19 has fast-tracked this digitization of education.

Online home tuitions have changed the education sector for the better. Here are some of the major changes from teachers’ perspective:


A teacher has reached as many students from any part of the globe. This has made education accessible to the masses. Learning from the best of the teachers sitting thousands of miles away from you was a luxury of elites. Online teaching apps for home tuitions have democratised learning for all. In contrast to the traditional learning system, today, teachers’ have massive outreach out of the four walls of the classroom.


Online learning is cost-effective and affordable. Today, a teacher can start teaching from her choice of location just with an internet connection through online teaching apps. She doesn’t have to move her whole life to a place just to get to the workplace. On the other hand, a student can get home tuition without spending much time and money on a daily commute with uniforms, paper assignments, tiffin, and heavy bags.

3. Better interaction

Online teaching apps for home tuitions have facilities like chat boxes and doubt spaces. A teacher can efficiently answer everyone’s doubts. Clearing doubts is a crucial part of learning. Students ask doubts without hesitation through such facilities. All the notes and assignments can be shared easily with the students online. Also, here the teacher is accessible to all the students equally. It is not like only frontbenchers or toppers have access to teachers. Anybody can just message the tuition teacher and clear her doubts.

4. Better time management

Online teaching apps for home tuitions provide a teacher with all the built-up infrastructure and systems in place to take a class easily and efficiently. For example, they would offer features like student login for attendance records, smart boards, mics, chat boxes, doubt spaces, polling questionnaires, and feedback mechanisms. In traditional classroom teaching, one has to go to the classroom and do all this work, which eats a lot of time. So, online teaching apps help teachers save time, which ultimately helps in better teaching performance.

5. Democratization of teaching

Despite having the potential of becoming a brilliant teacher, some people just couldn’t get the chance to follow their dream. Reasons like lack of money, social barriers, especially for women, students well versed with the subject but not having required qualifications, etc., have derailed many careers. Online teaching apps for home tuitions have democratized teaching. Now anybody having the required skills for the job can teach through online teaching apps and provide home tuitions.

6. Better outcomes

In traditional learning, all the students try to learn at the same pace. Today, research shows that every child has a different learning capacity. Online learning enables a teacher to customize learning for every student. It is done in two ways. One is a student can watch a recorded lecture at her own pace and absorb the knowledge. Second, a teacher can provide alternate learning methods using her creativity to make students better understand the topic. So, this results in better outcomes in learning and not just passing exams for the sake of it.

7. Easy connection with parents/guardians

Online teaching apps for home tuitions offer a valuable feature to communicate with parents without going into the hassle of pushing the students to convey the messages. You can do a group video call with the parents or contact them on the app one by one. Parents were automatically notified of their children’s school performance via text message. Easy communication helps in solving the overall issues of the child and hence contributing to her holistic development. Also, you can put reminders for the meeting or other purposes like tests, class, doubt sessions, etc.

8. Peer learning and upskilling

In many online teaching apps, tuition teachers have the option of convening a meeting amongst themselves and sharing best practices to teach better. Also, putting up mechanisms like student feedback, rewards, and rankings encourage teachers to level up their game continuously and grow. Another feature of online teaching apps for home tuitions is upskilling courses for teachers. They can avail these renowned courses through the online teaching apps at discounts. So, teaching, like any other skill, needs to be sharpened again and again.

Other benefits of online teaching apps are:

Today’s tech-savvy generation is more inclined towards mobile/laptop screens than the traditional classrooms for learning. So, capturing their attention and imagination is a bit easy using technology. Students can learn at their own pace. They can have customized learning as there is no fixed syllabus to be completed. One can learn any subject or any skill online at his/her convenience. So, one can nurture her unique potential to excel in life. Students can choose teachers according to their comfort. They have access to teachers all over the world.


Online teaching apps for home tuitions have proved to be a game-changer for tuition teachers all over the world. This is not only true for teachers but students and the whole education sector as well. Online learning has been growing exponentially due to its massive reach, a wide range of opportunities, and beneficial qualities.

Teachmint is keen on changing the future of education with its advanced LMS and ERP tools. With more than 20+ modules for educational institutions like admission management, attendance management system, performance management, and more; it is changing the teaching-learning experience.

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