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How Teachmint Helped this Teacher Scale-Up his Teaching

" I don't see problems, I look beyond problems and I see solutions. That's what has helped me in my journey." Says Keshav Soglan, from Hisar, Haryana.

Keshav Soglan needed a one-stop, reliable online teaching platform to reach his students and to stay connected with them.

He has been a teacher for the past five years and he started teaching online in May 2020. He thought of starting his own teaching business and started uploading videos on YouTube in April. He faced a couple of challenges when it came to marketing the classes and arranging teachers for handling different subjects. He envisions providing a seamless learning experience to students.
Initially, he was using Google Meet and Zoom and that didn't work out well for him. The 4o min limit in Zoom was a major drawback. He wanted a solid app that would help him focus on the important aspects of teaching and that's when he started searching for apps.

He was looking for a platform where he could manage classrooms, share study materials, has admin tools and other features such as fee management. He came across Teachmint and saw that it was an Indian app. This along with the host of features that Teachmint provided made him choose Teachmint.
Keshav says that he cannot point out one favorite feature since there are so many to choose from. However, he loves the live class recording feature that allows him to record the live sessions and download it. His teaching business has grown over the past few months. He has a team of 4 teachers teaching various subjects such as Science, Maths and English for grades from 6-10th.

Keshav uses Teachmint to conduct live classes, record and download live lectures, share assignments & study materials, collect fees, and stay connected with students.

Keshav has been an active member of the Teachmint community and is a valuable tutor. As mentioned, his teaching business has seen a marked increase in the past few months, and his business has witnessed 3x growth. His dedication and commitment along with the right choice of platform is what brought him here. With the kind of passion that he has, he will be conquering heights in the coming days. Teachmint is extremely happy to be a part of his amazing journey and we agree with what he says, we should look beyond problems and find solutions to become better than what we were yesterday.
To more such success stories and happy teachers. To democratizing online education!

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