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Productivity Hacks for Teachers

Teachers often need to collaborate with their co-workers for various events and activities at the school. At the same time, they need to manage multiple classes in a day. Therefore, teachers don’t have any option other than being as productive as possible. However, it might not be easy for everyone. The hectic schedules, pressure to cope with the syllabus, and fatigue due to handling different types and age groups of kids can be draining. To avoid getting burned out in the process, here are some productivity hacks that can help you as a teacher!

Balancing work & life together

As with any other profession, teachers need to perfect the art of balancing work and life perfectly. Too much work during free time isn’t going to help you be productive. Instead, find habits and tricks that can help them switch their mindset to a different thing. For example, learning a new musical instrument at the weekends or organising family outings can make them a lot more productive. At the same time, it is important to avoid mincing too much personal stuff during their school hours. Personal stuff can affect you emotionally, and it is best for teachers to be practical while teaching students.

Setting high standards but not at one’s own cost

Setting high teaching standards is a must for every teacher. However, that must not come at the cost of one’s mental peace. While teachers can go the extra mile to get the students interested in a topic, stressing out too much on a single topic isn’t the right way to go about it. Instead, anticipate the mood of the students and customise their learning schedules accordingly.

If the students are not looking 100% alert, there is no point in taking a lesson forward. The teachers can prepare small study-related games to keep the students interested in the classroom session. For instance, making them solve puzzles in a maths class can be fun. It will not only enhance their problem-solving skills but will also allow the teachers to rewind and reinvent their teaching strategies. At the end of the day, how well the students have grasped a topic will decide whether the teacher was productive or not!

Make a schedule

Making a schedule of your daily routine helps you remember all the goals you have set for the week. Each day can help you achieve some of the goals or at least allow you to progress towards them. Including only work in the schedule is also not a good thing. Make time for an evening walk with pets, dinner with kids, and reading time at night to feel relaxed.

Also, organising one class after another is not a good thing even if the lectures are to be delivered online. Teachers must keep ample time between two lectures so that they can unwind, relax, and focus on their teaching goals. They don’t have to follow a tedious routine of preparation or research on how to be productive 24/7. Instead, the teachers can figure out a way of de-stressing themselves and inculcate mindfulness in their teaching activity. Articulation is a key skill that teachers should learn to apply their teaching skills in the best possible way.

Also, following a monotonous routine can easily increase stress levels. Therefore, make sure to schedule a break regularly and explore new and different things that you find exciting. Productivity will surely increase if you love your job. Instead of focusing on how to be productive, focus on how to enjoy the work. The level of productivity will automatically be boosted once the heart and mind are in complete sync!

Fine-tuning the basics

The teachers don’t have to reinvent their teaching plans or methods altogether. They can just keep fine-tuning their basic teaching structure and add new elements that can make it better.

For instance, simply increasing the pace of teaching can make the students more receptive to their teachings. If the students aren’t able to cope with their pace of teaching, try taking pauses or breaks to receive feedback on whether the pace needs to be slowed down. These simple hacks will help add to your productivity as you start reflecting on your students’ experiences. If this is hard to figure it all out by yourself, talk with your partner or take guidance from other teachers to make changes to your style of teaching.

It is always nice to talk with those who know you instead of typing ‘how to be productive’ on Google! Your friends, co-workers, and family understand you better and can understand and respond to your issues easily. Therefore, their tips and advice will surely help you meet your productivity goals.

Be competitive

Competition can be a good thing if it is healthy and constructive. Teachers can attend the lectures of fellow teachers with their permission. During the class, they can observe their teaching skills and style. It might help them to improve their own teaching methods or at least know what to include or exclude from their own teaching plans. Sometimes, students can give valuable, constructive feedback to the teachers. Therefore, the teachers must be open to constructive criticism and explore opportunities to grow.


Including optimism in your teaching ways will help you follow a natural flow while teaching. Be patient and address your students’ queries and concerns, and learn from their feedback. Be flexible and try to analyse whether the students are attentive or mentally present in the classroom and alter your teaching methods accordingly. Being a natural teacher and empathetic towards the issues of the students is surely the best way to go forward!

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