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Providing Quality Education With Teachmint

Do you feel motivated when you see someone doing their favorite task? Do you get a sudden pump of energy after meeting such people? If yes, you may get inspired after reading the story of Radhika Arora. Continue reading to know more about her journey.

Radhika Arora is a private tutor who imparts knowledge to young minds. She runs her institute in Delhi and provides education to students of classes 6-10. Radhika Mam gets excited when solving the doubts of her students. Moreover, she also encourages her students to build their problem-solving skills.

Talking about the educational background of Radhika Mam, she has completed her Bachelors of Elementary Education from Delhi University. After that, she joined a school to teach students and aid their overall development. However, Radhika Mam felt the need to hone her skills as a teacher and decided to do a masters in this field.

Talking about Teachmint, Radhika Mam mentions that she is using the application for more than a year. She uses the app to provide online classes to students who live far away from her institute. It makes the teaching process easier, and her students save their time by avoiding travel. Teachmint provides a win-win situation to her and her students.

Radhika Mam started using Teachmint after her students told her about the application. She was impressed by the features and decided to give it a try. Since then, she has been a regular user of our app.

‘I use Teachmint daily to conduct my online classes. It is very comfortable, and the new features are excellent. I can record the classes and my students can revisit the lectures at their convenience. Also, live streaming is an incredible feature. I can directly upload my lectures on digital platforms.'

Radhika Mam gets excited when talking about her teaching journey. She believes that facilitating knowledge transfer is the best thing she can do. As a kid, Radhika Mam was always fascinated by her teachers. She liked how effortlessly they imparted knowledge and helped students in their skill development. Some of her teachers were her inspiration and helped her develop an interest in teaching. Once Radhika Mam decided to become a teacher, she started learning about the process of teaching. She took admission to Bachelors of Elementary Education and graduated in 2018. After that, she got a teaching job in a school in Delhi. However, she left the job to pursue her master's degree. Later she opened her private institute to offer quality education to students around her area.

Radhika Mam has a special message for people related to the education industry. She mentions that if you are a teacher, you must be passionate about your work. Putting your heart and soul into your work will make your professional journey incredible.

Radhika Mam recommends Teachmint to everyone related to teaching. She highly encourages her colleague to use the app. Teachmint is proud to be associated with such teachers. We wish Radhika Mam all the best in her future endeavors.

Teachmint is the leading ed-infra provider helping educational institutions improve their efficiency. With our offerings like LMS, attendance management, fee management system, and more, institutes can boost their productivity multifold.

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