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Redefining Teaching With The Help Of Teachmint!

“True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.” ― Nikos Kazantzakis

These lines seem so true when teachers like Vishvesh sir narrate their story. While talking about his journey from being a student to being a teacher himself, he gives a major share of credit to his mentor, his English teacher.

“Whatever I am today, wherever I stand, and all that I have achieved would have been impossible without the guidance of my teacher. The knowledge, encouragement, and wisdom that he imparted in me still keeps me going. When I teach my students, I feel confident about my knowledge and myself. My teacher ‘Mr. Gupta’ has changed my life and helped me become a better person. I try to follow his footsteps at every stage of my teaching journey.”

Vishvesh Pandey is an English grammar teacher who hails from Pratapgargh and currently lives in the city of nawabs- Lucknow. His heart since childhood belonged to books, pens, and teaching. He was in the class tenth when he realized that he wanted to become a teacher. He believed that no other profession other than teaching could provide him happiness, satisfaction, or peace of mind. He used to go to a small school in his village and taking free classes there was his favorite way of spending time. Pandey sir did not earn a single penny while teaching there, but what he earned was even great than money, confidence. He later pursued a diploma and is currently pursuing B.tech in electrical engineering from GITM, Lucknow.
His journey as a professional English teacher started when he joined a renowned school as an English teacher. Sadly, only a few days into that job, the pandemic happened and he lost his job. But he did not lose hope, the best part about his journey was the belief & courage in his heart, he knew he wanted to teach & help the students in such challenging times. He asked his other teacher friends to suggest him a good online teaching app. They suggested google meet, but Pandey sir did not like the user interface, features, and functioning of that application. His students were also finding it difficult to study efficiently on google meet, that is when one of his student’s mother suggested him to install Teachmint.

“I got to know about Teachmint from a student’s mother, I am extremely thankful to her for suggesting me such a wonderful platform. I began with teaching one student on Teachmint and now that number has started increasing. The features of the app are par excellence and I find Teachmint a one-stop solution for all the online teachers”

It’s been a long time since Vishvesh sir joined Teachmint and he seems to be in love with the app. His favorite feature is the live class recording feature as it helps his students study efficiently. What he loves most about Teachmint is customer care support. He shares his experiences of how he used to call Teachmint’s customer support team in case of slightest inconvenience.

Teachmint is passionate about improving each day and a major reason for the same is the constant love and support of teachers like Vishvesh sir. We wish him all the success and happiness in the world.

Teachmint is the leading ed-infra provider helping educational institutions improve their efficiency. With our offerings like LMS, attendance management, fee management system, and more, institutes can boost their productivity multifold.

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