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Salient Features of an Integrated School Platform

The functioning of educational institutions has seen a significant transformation in recent years. Schools shifted to online management systems as students shifted to online learning. To manage business processes in the best possible way, administrators have started adopting Integrated School Platform (ISP) software.

Schools could automate their data sorting in the most cutting-edge and simple method, doing away with the physical stacks of academic and financial records. This will help them continually improve their performance.

Schools can manage their resources and management activities using a centralized system like the one offered by Teachmint, which helps them not only be more profitable every year but also productive. Here is a list of the most salient features of an integrated school platform.

Almost Perfect Operational Autonomy

The biggest advantage of having an Integrated School Platform is that it offers schools the unique opportunity for almost complete autonomy of operation. What this essentially means is that the school will no longer have to rely on third-party vendors for anything. Each and every aspect of the school, from the admission of a student & overseeing their performance to the generation of certificates when they leave, can be recorded and documented systematically with the help of Teachmint’s Integrated School Platform.

Prompt Decision-Making

One of the most important aspects of running a school is the process of decision-making involved. There are a lot of decisions that need to be made on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis depending on the tasks at hand. Whether it is regarding events, holidays, or even exams, scheduling and planning are important parts of the decision-making process. Eventually executing those plans also requires resources and a viable workforce. Imagine how quick making a choice would be if you could access all the information in a matter of seconds. Making decisions quickly helps the school be all the more productive and gives them the space to make a well-informed decision every time.

Reduced Workforce & Cost

With automation aiding school management, a lot of the tasks that required direct human interaction have been phased out, either partially or completely. This reduces the requirement for a large elaborate workforce which, in turn, drastically reduces the overall cost schools have to spend as part of human resource management. With human resource management itself being incorporated into the Integrated School Platform, the reduction in cost can be quite high.

Less Paperwork

With an Integrated School Platform, almost every operation is digitized. Fee collection, pending fee reminders, report cards, certificates, attendance statistics, admission forms, and more can be done without any physical transaction of paper. This is extremely beneficial because it not only saves a lot of time but also reduces the possibility of errors that might occur in such scenarios.

Real-Time Recording & Processing of Data

When it comes to a school, one system leads to another. For example, once a student goes through all the formal processes of admission, their details have to be added to the student directory. The same information is used to create ID cards, certificates, and even when it comes to hostel management. All of this needs timely recording of data and processing it in real-time which can easily be taken care of by Teachmint’s Integrated School Platform.

Outlining User Access Management Clearly

With an integrated school platform, the roles of each stakeholder are clearly defined. There is a clear distinction between the roles of the owner, super admin, admin, teacher, and student at school. Tasks are assigned accordingly as well. This helps teachers know what their role is and try to outperform it.

Effective Communication Across Systems & Stakeholders

All stakeholders at a school can receive updates, information, and notifications through personal portals provided by school ERP software. From their portal, students can fill out their information, download and submit assignments, access timetables, and exam alerts, pay fees and other costs, and more. From their site, parents can also access all this data.

Teachers can check assignments, comment on students' assignments, view student information, and fill out personal information for updates. They can also include information on the course's schedule, curriculum, and structure. If necessary, they can share this information with students.

This improves communication between instructors, parents, and students. Stop wasting their time waiting in extended lines for numerous formalities.

Attendance Management of Students & Staff

Tracking attendance for staff and students should be another crucial component of an Integrated School Platform. This promotes maintaining attendance by making it easier to track students currently enrolled in the institution. The tedious procedure of calling out student names in class is made simpler for teachers, and the task of walking up to the principal’s office and signing a register is simplified for the teachers. Parents are also alerted immediately if students are not present in class.

Maintaining Records of Inventory

A school always needs to be aware of and maintain records of what they have, how much of it there is, and when to restock it in case things run out. This can be anything from school uniforms and books to desks, benches, and even lab equipment. With a proper Inventory Management System, Teachmint helps schools make the task of doing all these calculations using a register obsolete and unnecessary.

Keeping Track of Facilities

The facilities that are offered by a school are as important for the students as the education provided. The transport, library, hostel, and inventory facilities are an integral part of a school and it is the duty of the admins to keep track of what goes on in each department. Teachmint has a dedicated software solution to manage and maintain each and every facility that a school offers.

Admission Features

An Integrated School platform includes everything required for the entire process of admission. Data collection, analysis, contacting the students/parents, choosing the best students and eliminating the rest, and eventually adding them to the school directory can all be done from one simple dashboard. Teachmint even allows schools to create their own Admission Portal without any knowledge of coding. See what else you can do with Teachmint's Admission Management System!  

Staff Management

The management of the personnel must be the same as that of the students. Managing leaves and marking attendance for teachers is as important for the institution as doing the same for students. This is why Teachmint provides a dedicated Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to simplify these processes.

Effective Fee Collection & Management

Fee management is a tedious task. The fee has to be collected in various formats and the installment ranges can be quite varied. If discounts are being provided to certain students, that needs to be taken into consideration. Receipts have to be given out and the distinctions in the division of fees have to be made crystal clear. All of this will take a lot of time if schools use the traditional ledger-based system. This can be avoided by using a Fees Management Software, which takes care of all the problems mentioned above without any human interaction involved.


An Integrated School Platform does not simply improve the efficiency of a school, it gives them the opportunity to take themselves one step further and take complete control over it. It enables the school to make informed decisions and gives them the advantage of doing all the tasks a school needs in-house, without any external third party. The school will have complete autonomy over its operations and gives each individual stakeholder a grip over who they are and what they need to do, giving them the chance to focus and excel (both professionally and academically). Visit Teachmint’s website and check out all our features.

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