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School Management System- A Guide

The hassle and chaos before the enrolment session are not new. Every school gets numerous calls, texts, and emails regarding their admission procedure, and a manual approach can make the process cumbersome for schools and their staff. As a result, schools need new ways to tackle admission queries and requests. Today, automation has emerged as an effective solution for handling admission-related doubts. The school management system offers features like admission management to strengthen the process of getting more students on board. Moreover, it organizes the enrolment process and reduces the workload of school administration.

If you are considering a school management system, you can read this post to know about an admission ERP.

  1. What is the school admission management system?
    The school admission management system allows schools to digitize the admission process. It automates crucial tasks like collecting and sorting documents, streamlining admission inquiries, assigning priority ranking based on eligibility, and completing onboarding formalities.
  2. How does the admission management system work?

The typical work of an admission management system is:

  • Admin can upload the eligibility criteria, fee structure, course modules, and other requirements through the registration link.
  • Parents’ inquiries are collected from various lead generation platforms. Then the inquiries are assigned to the respective staff member to help students in the admission process.
  • Parents can fill out the admission form, upload documents, select courses, and pay fees through the admission link.
  • The system offers access to a video tour of the school campus, courses offered, and brochures.
  • The admission management system generates a merit list based on the admission criteria.
  • Applicants can view the application status, merit list, and other information through the admission dashboard.
  • Applicants can pay fees through an integrated payment gateway in case of confirmed admission.
  • The admission management system generates an online admission system report to help schools analyze the enrolment status, lead generation to conversion ratios, and cancellation of admission requests.

    Moreover, the system eliminates the need to manage crucial information manually.

3. What are the crucial features of a school admission management system?

The essential features of the school admission management system are:

  • Provision of online document verification and follow-up messages for effective communication
  • Online fee collection through a secured payment gateway
  • Provision of user-friendly and self-explanatory registration and application forms
  • Availability of on-cloud data storage and automated data management
  • Inquiry handling through pre-designed forms and assigning priority ranking to admission queries.

Moreover, the admission management system must send admission-related notifications to parents and students.

4. Why do schools need an admission management system?
Below are the significant advantages of the admission management system:

  • It simplifies the admission process and saves time. Moreover, it reduces the onus of teachers, students, and different departments.
  • It organizes the payment procedure. Schools can track the payment status and refunds.
  • It makes the admission process eco and budget-friendly by eliminating paperwork.
  • It reduces errors and serves as a secure data management system.
  • It creates a centralized admission system for schools with more than one branch.
  • It allows schools to adopt a digital admission system.

These benefits streamline the admission process and provide greater flexibility.

5. What types of schools can benefit from the school admission management system?
Every school can enjoy the benefits of the admission management system. The software simplifies the admission process irrespective of the school's region, geography, and medium.

6. How much is the cost of the school admission management system?
The cost of the admission management system depends on the plan and features you select. Various vendors offer basic to premium services to meet your needs. Moreover, you can customize the software. The basic plan is low-priced, while premium plans offer significant benefits.

7. What are the crucial features to look at while buying an admission management system?
Every school follows a different approach to enroll more students. You can choose an admission management system based on your admission criteria. However, if you are unsure of your requirements, you can contact a solution provider for demo sessions. Discuss your needs with them to get the most beneficial solution for your school.

8. Can a school admission management system help the online admission process?
The admission management system organizes the admission process and makes the work easier for school administration. It completely shifts the admission process to online mode.

9. How can you replace your existing school admission management system?
If you want to replace your existing ERP software, get in touch with your current solution provider. Discuss the offboarding process with them. Moreover, understand the number of days left to avail of their services. Then connect with your new solution provider and understand the steps for a smooth and effortless onboarding process.

10. How to get started with a school admission management system?
After choosing a suitable ERP software for your school, you must take demo sessions to understand its work. Next, you can schedule a meeting with the concerned vendor to discuss your requirements. Then select a plan to satisfy your institute’s needs.

Learn more here.

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