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Top 6 Features of Admission Management System

The benefits of the online admission system are vast and numerous. It enables educational institutions to efficiently manage their student admission process in real-time, which would otherwise be a maze of emails, calls, interviews, back-and-forth emails, and follow-ups. The proper college admission management software can benefit both the admissions team and the students.

Admission management software assists in streamlining of the admissions process. Educational institutions can use admission management software to handle student admission and enrollment processes online. Students and parents are not required to stand in massive queues for hours to get access to the institution. Parents and kids can utilize the admission management system to submit an online school admissions inquiry. Teachmint simplifies the admissions process for schools, institutions, and parents.

Features of Admission Management System

Needless to say, the admissions process is lengthy and time-consuming. Everything from student lead generation to document collecting, selection, and admissions entails a lot of paperwork. Admission management systems, such as applicant and self-serve application sites, make the admission process simple.

Let us see some great features of an admission management system.

Student Data Collection

Gone are the days when schools could only generate inquiries through referrals and traditional advertisements. Student leads can now be generated via social media, websites, offline marketing, channel partners, or publisher integrations. However, with the assistance of an admission system, schools can capture all leads without missing anyone.

An effective admission management system allows educational institutions to easily collect and manage student information. Administrators no longer have to individually collect data from every student. They can use admission management software to automate the data collection procedure.

Document Collection

Using the admission management system, admins can collect relevant documentation from students. Students can use the dashboard to upload their information. To add more to the table, the admission management system has no restrictions when it comes to managing applicants. It is very scalable and supports an infinite number of student applications for an infinite number of users, courses, and programs that the school or a college offers.

Tracking Application Status

In general, an admission form is made up of several sections and subsections that are difficult to complete all at once. Students sometimes exit the site without completing the application form. To make things easier for them, make the online application procedure as straightforward as possible.

Applicants should be able to apply, pay the application fee, and check their status online. They should be able to scan and upload papers while on the move as well. If they leave for any reason, they can return to the application at any moment.

With Teachmint, all these activities are possible. Students and parents can track their application status anywhere and anytime.

Automated Selection Procedure

You may connect all processes and teams with the help of an admission management system. You may create an admission workflow and map students' application process, such as inquiry, applications, and enrollment, with the appropriate department. With the help of an admission management system, schools can automate the whole application process from scratch.

Hassle-free Automated Admission

Schools can automate the admission process with an ideal admission management system. As discussed earlier, the admission process is a painstaking task. Schools and colleges receive a large number of applications. It is very much possible that an error might happen and a good candidate will suffer the consequence. To avoid this, the whole process has been automated and the chances of human error have been reduced to zero.

Customized Admission Forms

Educational institutions can tailor the forms to their own needs. They do not require the forms to be customized by a third party.

Adopting an admission management system can help schools, colleges, and educational institutions make their campuses more student and process friendly.

Benefits of Admission Management System

The admission management system simplifies, intuitively, and securely the entire onboarding process. A few of the benefits of the admission management system are listed below.

Consistent Admission Process

The admission management system provides an incredible user experience by allowing candidates to utilize it via their preferred device. Unlike traditional queues in real life, the approach allows users to submit their applications in only a few swipes from anywhere in the world. This removes unclear handwriting, poor connectivity, and courier delays, all of which hinder the application process. Even candidates in remote and rural locations can benefit greatly from the admission management system. They have the impression that they have a constant adviser who will help them during the admission process.

Paperless Process

Avoid using lots of paper in the admission process. The admission management system reduces paperwork and encourages environment-friendly processes. The traditional offline admission process can take a long time. All of the stages, such as issuing notifications, distributing forms, collecting forms, and inspecting them, may take weeks or months to accomplish. A paperless admissions process powered by an ERP for education may eliminate all of this trouble and save time for all stakeholders.

Convenient for Applicants

The online admission management system provides the optimum user experience by allowing candidates to access it via their preferred mobile device or a PC. Unlike traditional queues in real life, the approach allows users to submit their applications in only a few swipes from anywhere in the world. This eliminates untidy handwriting, postal disconnectivity, and courier delays, all of which impede the application process. Even candidates in rural locations or with disabilities can benefit greatly from online admission systems. They have the impression that they have a constant adviser who engages them throughout their admission process.

Improved Efficiency

Consider an institution that receives hundreds or thousands of applications in a single day. This extensive paperwork can lead to mistakes. On the contrary, the online admissions process is perfect, entirely dependable, and error-free. The team can simply oversee the admission process with automated admission management, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual operations. All that is required is to modify the workflow to meet your needs, which includes everything from developing a student site to document submission, selection, the announcement of shortlisted candidates, and final payment and enrollment.


Admission management systems are critical for all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, students, and principals. It assists schools and admins in increasing the productivity and efficiency of their institutions.

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