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Benefits of Going Paperless using ERP Software

Every organization is trying to promote sustainability. They are actively looking for approaches to fulfill the three significant sustainability goals- environmental protection, social wellbeing, and economic development. As a result, organizations are implementing ways to reduce waste, plant more trees, conserve water, and prevent pollution. Educational institutions are also doing their share to reduce pollution and waste. They are shifting to online modes of education to reduce paperwork.

ERP software is one of the approaches to reduce paperwork and support the Go Green, Go Paperless slogan. Moreover, this system stores crucial information digitally and saves time, money, and effort. In addition, ERP improves productivity and eases the management process.

How does ERP help educational institutes save paper?

Going paperless also helps the educational institutions in the following ways:

  • Reduction of data redundancy and delays
  • Low chances of losing crucial information
  • Elimination of unproductive activities
  • Smooth and organized workflow
  • Digital storage of files and documents
  • Real-time insights and improved relationships among teachers, students, and parents
  • Smooth information flow within schools and other educational institutions
  • Simplification of admission processes
  • Improved learning through recorded and live lessons

It is believed that approximately 900 million trees are cut every year to produce paper. Adopting ERP software can bring down this number and make the environment greener.

Benefits of using ERP software

The significant advantages of using ERP software in educational institutions are:

  • Saves additional cost

It is estimated that each student might use 1000 sheets per year. In addition, teachers require papers to record attendance, distribute course material, manage student files, and prepare report cards. Additional costs are incurred from printing machines, photocopiers, ink, staples, etc. ERP can eliminate the costs incurred on these resources, and the saved money can be used to improve the quality of education.

  • Organized data

Every educational institute maintains records of its students. However, manually collecting, recording, and tracking all information can be tiresome for school staff. Schools can use ERP software to automate the data collection and organization process. The system analyzes and updates the record frequently. Moreover, it also helps the school administration to send crucial notifications and urgent reminders. As a result, schools can reduce their paper consumption by digitizing the data management process.

  • Increases productivity

ERP software increases classroom productivity and saves teachers from unnecessary work. For example, teachers can check the classroom performance, update parents, schedule timetables, and coordinate with other staff through ERP software. It automates different processes and helps teachers provide quality education to students. Moreover, teachers do not need to fill in various records to track students’ activities. As a result, unnecessary paperwork gets reduced.

  • Reduces waste production

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is a way to promote sustainability. Schools teach this crucial motto to students but hardly implement it in their organizations. The educational institutes can control their carbon footprint by reducing paperwork. Moreover, they can save costs on other allied resources like photocopiers and laminators. By using ERP software, schools can become eco-friendly and make the environment a better place.

  • Increases security

ERP software stores school records securely and only provides access to authorized personnel. As a result, only reliable personnel can access crucial information. Moreover, it keeps the data secured and intact in case of natural disasters. On the contrary, manually stored data have risks of theft and misuse.

  • Keeps parent involved

ERP software keeps parents involved in the academic activities of their children. The software sends notifications regarding classroom performance, PTA meetings, and attendance. The digitized system also enables online fee payments and keeps an eye on formal documents.

  • Gives practical knowledge to students

As the world has moved towards digitization, the demands of employers have changed. Now employers look for proactive and intelligent employees to speed up their growth. By adopting ERP, schools also digitize crucial tasks. This gives real-life experience to students, and they learn technical skills. So going paperless prepares the students for their future work environment.

Reduced paperwork also frees up the storage racks. As a result, the classrooms appear tidier and less cluttered. This provides a pleasant environment and enhances the learning experiences. Moreover, as teachers are free of administrative tasks, they can focus on a holistic learning environment. Thus going paperless improves learning, reduces unproductive tasks, and prepares students.

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