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Student Data Collection Using Admission Management Software

The motive of every educational institution is to provide the best education to its students. Moreover, they also aim to maintain educational quality and standards. In addition to maintaining the quality of education, schools and other institutions also focus on enhancing their enrollments. However, converting a potential candidate into a student takes time and effort from the end of admission counselors and other staff members assisting the admission procedure. According to AISHE by MHRD, 36.6 million students graduate on a YOY basis. During the admission process, a lot of student data is generated. Such piles of data require proper methods for student data collection and storage. Today, we will see how an admission management system can help educational institutions in student data collection and make the process more efficient. Moreover, the system can effectively boost the student inquiry to admission ratio.

What is an admission management system?

The admission management system is a tool that helps educational institutions ease their admission process and make the admission inquiry more streamlined. With the help of this system, institutions can make the admission process convenient for parents and students. They can handle multiple queries and boost the efficiency of their admission counselors. The system digitally captures student inquiries, checks their eligibility, boosts the follow-up procedure, collects documents, and completes the admission process effortlessly. After student data collection, the software also categorizes and manages the data. As the information is stored on a cloud-based storage system, there are no threats of data loss or privacy breach.

The admission management software is critical for every stakeholder. For example, it helps students to apply for admission online, check their application status, submit relevant documents, and pay the admission fee online.

Needless to say that the admission process is lengthy. From lead generation to enrollment, students and parents have to go through multiple steps. Moreover, the traditional admission system involves paperwork and multiple visits to the institute’s campus. The modern solution of admission management removes hurdles and makes the process convenient for all.

Need for an admission management system

Most educational institutions face challenges during the admission process. These setbacks may influence the overall enrollment ratio and keep the top-performing students at bay. To avoid such obstacles, institutes need an admission management system. This software can solve the admission-related problems mentioned below.

  • Low inquiry-to-admission ratio
  • Inefficiency in student inquiry capture, student data collection, and management
  • Admission-related confusions

A few benefits of using an admission management system are:

  • Reduction in manual labor
  • Selection of eligible candidates effectively
  • Generation of the automatic rank board for the better enrollment process
  • Reduction in paper usage
  • Enhancement in admission counselors’ productivity
  • Better student experience
  • Access to real-time reports

Adopting an automated system for student admission can enhance the productivity of admission counselors and boost the enrollment ratio.

How can the admission management system help in student data collection?

When inquiring about the admission process in an institute, students need to submit their basic information like name and address. This is the first touchpoint that generates student data. Educational institutions need to collect and manage the information for follow-up procedures. Likewise, a student passes multiple data points during the entire admission process. Therefore, having a system for student data collection and management becomes a prerequisite for institutes.

An admission management system can help in student data collection in the following ways.

Capture student inquiries

Earlier, schools and colleges generated inquiries through referral programs and print ads. Today, those systems of lead generation have become obsolete, and leads can pour in from multiple sources. Social media, websites, offline ads, and performance marketing are a few ways of generating leads. If institutes do not have a proper system, they can miss out on inquiries leading to a sub-par enrollment ratio. But with the help of admission management software, institutes can capture all leads without fail.

Track application status

An application form consists of various sections and subsections to collect all information. However, students may find it difficult to fill in all the details in one go. As a result, they may leave the application process in the middle. The online admission system makes the work easier for students as they can apply online and check their application status in real-time. Moreover, the system auto-saves the form so students can resume the application anytime they want to.

Track student journey

A student's journey does not start after enrollment; instead, it starts from the time they approach an institute for admission inquiries. Therefore, assisting them from the beginning of their journey becomes critical for every educational institution. It shows their care and concern for students. Admission management software captures student journeys from the start and presents them in a consolidated form. Moreover, it also helps counselors track the application status, drop-offs, pending and solved queries, tickets raised, etc. Having access to all information helps counselors interact with students on a personal level.

Help in the document collection

The automated application system allows students to upload their documents on the dashboard. As and when students upload the documents, school authorities can use the information for student data collection. The admission management system can make different buckets for adding information. Moreover, it reduces paperwork and manual data collection as the information is saved in an online portal. The system is also advantageous for counselors as it reduces their workload. They can reduce the response time which is a primary reason for the low enrollment ratio in various institutions.

Automate the selection process

The admission management system generates an automatic rank board to notify school admins about top-performing candidates. In addition, admins can map student journeys and bring transparency to the admissions process. Likewise, the system is beneficial for institutes having multiple locations. They can distribute the inquiries to counselors based on the institute’s location.

Provide proper response

Managing bulk inquiries may reduce the efficiency of admission counselors, and they may miss out on a few names. As a result, they may not reach every potential candidate and the enrollment ratio may suffer. With the admission management system, educational institutes can prioritize their response. They can reach out to potential candidates efficiently. Moreover, the system also notifies them about which candidate they need to reach out to and at what time.

Student data collection is a vital step in the entire admission process. In addition to data collection, institutes also need to manage the gathered information accurately. The admission management system gives institutes an upper hand and handles data efficiently. Moreover, the system is also capable of tracking student journeys and automating the selection process.

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