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7 Tips to Make the School Admission Process Seamless


It is undeniable that COVID had a lasting impact on our lives and the country’s overall economy. Be it office work, shopping, schooling, and coaching everything became online and techno-friendly. Gone are the days when students used to be admitted to the schools nearest to their homes. Online education has become the new normal and distance education has become a normal part of our lives. Having said that, we know that school admission can be a tedious process if done manually. So, why not make the school admission process seamless and simplify the admission process for the students? Well, admission management systems make it possible! It is the software which manages the online admission of students.

So, in this article, we will be covering 7 tips on how you can make the school admission process seamless through the admission management system.

Manage Admission Queries

With the admission management system, parents and students can reach out to the institution effortlessly before they fill out the detailed registration form. To make this process effective, embed the inquiry form in your institute’s website and assign them to counselors.

Standard Applicant Registration Form

With this, students need not wait in large queues to wait for their chance. They can fill out and submit the form with a single click. This feature not only eliminates the paperwork and makes the whole procedure error-free but also reduces the workload of the staff. The content of the form could include details like the name of the candidate, photograph of the candidate, other personal details, highest qualification, nationality, etc., among other things.

Streamline the Admission Process

The admission management system lets you verify the documents digitally and collect the fee with a single click. You can customize the admission form according to your requirements and also send updates regarding the date of the admission test, results, and more. Automatic allotment of subjects and batches for every academic year is also possible.

Centralized Admissions

Managing the records of branches across multiple locations manually can be complex. Further, reviewing the admission forms can also be a challenging task. The admission management system is a centralized platform that can be accessed by both school admin and students anytime, anywhere.

Automated school admission makes retrieval and submission of data much faster across the branches. Also, information sharing and data storage get easier.

Data Management and Storage

Huge data files take up a lot of space and can be daunting at times. Managing data online does not take up much space and restricts the possibility of data theft. Since schools maintain a lot of students’ confidential data, it becomes crucial to maintain the data safely. Digitalized data prevents theft and redundancy of data, leading to improved overall efficiency.

Accurate Admission Process

There is always a possibility of recording wrong information while putting the students’ details manually. This limitation can be overcome by the use of the admission management system. It makes the overall admission process smooth.

Improve the Overall Experience

Manually working the school admission process is highly error-prone and time-consuming. Managing it with the use of the admission management system can reduce the burden of the school admin and also make it easier for students and parents as they do not need to visit the school time and again.

Features of Admission Management System

By automating the overall admission process of students, admission management systems have greatly reduced the need of maintaining bulky registers and large data sets. The software provides various advantages like minimum cost, access from multiple platforms, easy follow up and more.

Now, let us look at the features of this software.

Quick Admissions

Admission management systems can enrol the newly admitted student to the student’s directory directly and fasten the overall process.

Custom Admission Forms

Without the need for intervention from third parties, you can curate your admission forms according to your needs.

Easy Payments and Billings

Most of the admission management systems merge with payment gateways to make the payment process easier. It also smoothens the bill generation process.

Improved Marketing Efforts

Along with automating the whole school admission process, the admission management system creates a list of prospective candidates and keeps them updated with the latest happenings at the institute.

The list of features and benefits is inclusive. You will get to know more about its advantages once you implement it in your institute.


Through the use of the admission management system, you can make the school admission process seamless. It makes the whole procedure online, manages enquiry and payments and eliminates the need to wait in large queues. It improves the productivity of the school and is a vital process for the stakeholders of the institute, parents, students and the principal.

Teachmint offers the best-in-class education ERP solutions to educational institutes. Do check it out to provide a hassle-free experience to your stakeholders and increase your student enrolment percentage. With our advanced learning management system, you can improve the teaching-learning experience.

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