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7 Ways To Use A Smart Board For Teaching In Classroom

It is crucial for teachers to have the perfect knowledge present about how to correctly use a smart board. The reason being that in most school smart classroom, teachers are unable to make complete use of Smart boards. This is mostly due to lack of knowledge or support when it comes to using these school smart classroom. It is the reason why it becomes important for teachers to make the extra effort to understand how to work a school smart classroom and use it to its maximum potential.

However, before further delving into the best way to use the smartboard for teaching in the classroom, let's first understand what is smart class.

What is smart class?

The simple way to define what is smart class, is to explain it as a digital classroom that has several learning and teaching tools to help the students in the education process. This given digital classroom uses audio and video learning materials to explain a certain content to the students, and improve their engagement with the class.

The best part about smart classes is that it can make the entire learning process engaging and fun. It encourages the students to ask questions and improve their curiosity that can lead to a better and positive learning experience.

This process can be easily managed through the help of smart boards in the classroom. This smart panel for classroom facilitates the learning process by showing the students an arrangement of visual outline of the content. The smart panel for classroom also makes it possible for the students to touch the screen and move the pictures from one place to another, and create a unique learning experience.

Hence, when using smart panel for classroom, it mostly goes beyond textbooks and theoretical learning, and takes a more practical learning approach. There are several resources associated with these smart boards such as projectors, multimedia devices and pens that creates an unique learning environment for the students.

Now that we have a much better understanding of what is smart class, and how it contributes towards improving the learning process for the students, let's seek a look at the best ways to teach using a smart board.

Smart board for teaching
What is smart board

Ways To Use A Smart Board For Teaching In Classroom

The ability of a smart board in helping modernize the classroom teaching, is considered to be entertaining both for the teachers and the students. Through the help of this blended approach, it becomes easier for the Teachers to explain certain concepts and lessons and improve engagement of the students with the class.

Let's learn about the best ways to teach using a smart board in the classroom.

1. Blending of Technology

To make smart board teaching more effective it is better to take a blended approach by the teachers. In this approach a mix of both traditional methods of using white or black markers can be utilized along with using the smart board. In this way teachers will have the opportunity to take certain parts from the content and explain it on the blackboard in a much more vivid detail.

2. Conduct Class Quizzes

Another effective teaching method is to conduct quizzes using the smart board. The teacher can divide the class into certain groups with each group asked the question and are provided with an opportunity to give the answer by using the smart board to either write it or draw it.

3. The use of Games

To create an engaging classroom, teachers can also make use of games to teach the students about certain content. The smart board can be utilized to provide visual hints to the students, and does create an interactive classroom session.

4. Using Online Resources

The presence of a smart board makes it easy for teachers to have access to global knowledge. In this way when it comes to answering the doubts of the students, teachers can always reference different online resources to provide engaging and interactive answers to the students.

5. Use of AI

Artificial Intelligence can be expertly integrated with the classroom teaching by teachers when it comes to generating classroom schedule, exam content, multiple choice questions for the students and so on.

6. Encourage Collaborative Learning

Considering the multi touch screen feature that is an important part of the smart board, the teachers can use it to collaborate with the students directly. students can be asked to write open online assessments directly on the board and then ask someone else to come and solve them.

7. Create your own pace

Using smart boards allows the teacher to create that own pace, and make it easy on the learners.

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