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Smart Learning

A well-connected classroom, access to the internet, online teaching apps, and mobile devices, has swept the educational landscape, especially in urban and semi-urban areas, thus making education fun, interactive, and engaging. As we all know, not all students have access to good libraries or great museums. But the advent of smart class or smart learning gave them access to all of this as if the world is their oyster. Students can now watch videos on various subjects, take virtual tours of places of their interest and watch lectures and webinars on key academic concepts.

What is smart learning?

Smart learning is the buzzword  in today’s digital era. It is a reflection of how technology is enabling learners to digest information, knowledge, and skills more efficiently and easily.

As we all know, the paradigm shift towards smart learning in the global education movement is already creating strong outcomes. The concept of smart learning is viewed as total transformational thinking. Total transformational thinking involves four components- learner, faculty, curriculum, and the learning environment.

The learner becomes a proactive leader rather than a static follower of the educational process. Faculty focuses on being a mentor and a coach rather than just being a teacher, which requires training to effectively impart knowledge under a learner-centric framework. The curriculum is overhauled to better reflect how knowledge is evolving both in form and delivery. Finally, the Learning environment is expanded to consider new realities, new touchpoints, such as the dominance of mobility, which has opened up a horizon of vast opportunities for mobile learning.

Benefits of Smart Learning

Given below are some significant benefits of incorporating Smart Learning in education:

1. Extremely Effective

Visual learning using smart technologies serves the students or learners better by using elements like graphs, images, charts, presentations, etc., that are not easily conveyed by the classroom notes or text. The students are thus able to learn effectively and therefore are capable of retaining more information.

2. Encourages Students
Smart Learning builds a student’s interest in a certain subject. The visualizations take students to the world of imagination which develops their interest as well as motivates them to learn more.

3. Simplifies Teaching

Smart learning methods usually use smart boards that are capable of doing many things. It just needs the creation of a transparent worksheet and simply placing it under the camera to be seen on the smartboard. Instant polls, screen sharing, automated attendance, online whiteboard and likewise helps to save both time and effort.

4. Cost Benefits

Smart learning is quite an economical method of teaching. It can teach many people effectively without the need of buying expensive implements and other study-related materials. It is a one-time expense, but can possibly serve for long, reasonably.

5. Saving Documents

The notes written by the instructor or the teacher can be saved to be used later. This is beneficial for students who may have missed any class. Also, these notes can be made accessible online and used for review purposes.

Why is smart learning preferred?

Quality education is very important in today’s world. As the world is moving fast with growing competition, one needs to keep up. Hence, the smart class is a technological boon for the education system. It provides opportunities for the students to help in understanding the concept better and achieving their academic excellence.

Smart learning enables access to online information quite easily as well as leads to an enhanced learning experience. The technological tools provide a lot of help in learning. Teachers can convert big paragraphs or texts into images, graphs, flowcharts, and animated videos for a better understanding of the concept. It helps students to retain information for a long period of time. It is a fact that through visuals, information can be stored in our minds better than words.


Smart learning is considered to be the best path to ensure the brightest future for higher education. Much higher education institutions are already reaching out to more learners through non-traditional approaches—a trend we expect will gain more momentum in the coming years.

It is also envisioned as the transformation of the region’s educational landscape through a blended learning approach that combines face-to-face classrooms, online classrooms, and self-paced learning.

Our dream goes beyond the typical classroom. We want to reach out to those who desire to learn but are disadvantaged by their circumstances.

For the global educational community, this new era is providing us with the tools, techniques, and embryonic infrastructure to fulfill our ultimate mission of educating the entire society.

Like a parachute, the mind cannot function until it is opened. Smart learning opens the mind to the possibilities of borderless education, and those of us with the passion and the means must collectively work towards unleashing its full potential for the benefit of learners navigating a smart new world.

Just as the Wright brothers dared to take flight and change the world, the educational community must spread its wings bravely—and smartly—towards a better future.

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