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Storytelling as a Teaching Tool - A Guide for Teachers

Students' imaginations are sparked when they are told stories. Students generate mental images, make deductions and predictions, and fill in the gaps while they listen to a tale. They, in a sense, become involved in the story's creation, forging a bond with the story. Oral communication of information, when presented as a story, encourages greater participation than written language.Storytelling as a teaching tool is an absolute vital tool as it goes beyond the usual presentation of facts and stories, information and data. Storytelling as a teaching tool is essential in teaching and learning as stories are more concrete than any abstract technique in illustrating concepts. To be precise, everything that is taught during a class, be it presentation, communication, and writing abilities are all taught through.
Let’s go through storytelling as a teaching tool in points that supports educational objectives -
1. Improving Verbal Skills
Storytelling as a teaching tool can help in improving verbal skills, as there is communication and use of colloquial language while narrating a story. It helps in improving the skills of comprehension along with communication, as each student or learner comprehends each statement from their point of perspective.
2. Active participation during narration
Narration in stories attracts the interest of the audience and also assists in better understanding of the concepts. This happens because learners tend to memorise and recall information more easily that were learned through the story is related to prior knowledge about that specific topic or subject. Students tend to participate more as they have the willingness to put out their own understanding of the story and the topic in reference. Its application aids in the definition of technical aspects of texts by offering brief, concrete examples of the textual material under consideration.
3. Discovering the real meaning of the concepts
When storytelling is used as a teaching tool, students tend to understand the meaning of the concept in a better way as they get to know about where and when to use those concepts and topics or exact words. Stories give students or learners a different perspective on contemporary issues around the world. Storytelling is a valuable teaching tool for learning about various cultures, as well as a medium for language development. It aids in the right adoption of values and viewpoints, the development of imagination and creativity, the acquisition of communication experience, and socialising.
4. Gaining confidence
When students learn about a concept through storytelling, they understand the meaning in depth, which further helps in being confident about that particular topic or issues and they are able to speak when discussing in front of the class or other class of students.

Because storytelling is a powerful form of communication, it is an extremely successful teaching tool. It benefits both the learner and the teacher. Hearing tales helps students learn because they pay more attention, absorb the content more easily, and remember crucial elements for longer. Teachers become better instructors as a result of their ability to effectively tell a tale, which boosts their status as a leader. A teacher who can tell a good story demonstrates that he or she is approachable, likeable, and human. By making the instructor's standing less frightening, this helps to bridge the gap between the teacher and the students. It helps teachers to make their students understand the concepts with full clarity.

Hope reading this blog helps you in teaching your students. Stay tuned to read more blogs.

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