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'Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops' -Henry Brooks Adams

Teachers leave a deep impact on the lives of their students. Their direct or indirect guidance, love, and support keep their students moving. The knowledge they impart to the students stays with them for years, I still remember that the answer to 'what is the powerhouse of the cell' is 'mitochondria' because my science teacher in school taught us that lesson so well.

A teacher is equally responsible for a child's growth and to put their best foot forward teachers need to keep themselves updated as the education system keeps on evolving. Not only do the data and information keep on changing but teaching patterns are ever-changing too. The shift from traditional teaching to Online teaching through online teaching apps is a perfect example of the same. To deliver the best of their abilities and help the students in the best way possible, the teachers should undergo multiple teacher-training programs available out there.

Listed below are a few teacher training programs that would be helpful for the teachers-

Bachelor of Education(B.ed)- B.Ed is known as a two-year bachelor's degree, although, it can only be pursued after the completion of one's graduation for example- B.A, B.sc, B.com, etc. Many universities now offer an integrated course that includes both, an undergraduate degree and a B.ed degree. This is commonly known as BA B.Ed. After the completion of graduation and B.Ed, a person is eligible to teach the junior classes at the school level. Whereas, to teach the senior classes, a post-graduate degree is required. B.Ed can be one of your best choices as it includes subjects like pedagogy and child psychology that ensure a better understanding of dealing with the students in a better way.

Basic Training Certificate(BTC)- Commonly known as BTC, it is a two-year certificate program that may help candidates to find an amazing primary teaching job. The certificate course can be done after completing 10+2 with passing marks in any stream. If your goal is to change the life of students for good, there can be no better option than being a teacher. The teachers at the primary schools play a major role in laying the foundation of a child's career and life. The top recruiter of these BTC certified teachers is the government. The teachers can earn a good amount by going for BTC. The well-designed structure of this program gives it an extra edge.

Diploma in elementary education((D.El.Ed)- D.El.Ed is a two-year diploma certificate program that trains the students to be good elementary school teachers. The eligibility for pursuing this diploma certificate program is obtaining a minimum of 50 percent marks in the 10th, +2 exams. It is a four-semester program that ensures the incorporation of excellent teaching skills in the students. After the completion of this program, the candidates will be eligible for teaching in different states across the country.

Nursery teacher training(NTT)- NTT is a one-year diploma course and the primary focus of the course is to provide sufficient pre-primary teachers in the schools. The eligibility criteria for this diploma course is to obtain a minimum of 50 percent marks in 10th, +2 from any desired stream. The major job opportunities for candidates with an NTT diploma are job roles like Nursery teacher, nursery in-charge, nursery department coordinator, etc. The pre-primary teachers after the completion of this diploma course can earn up to three lakh per annum.

Bachelor of Elementary Education(B.El.Ed)- B.El.Ed is a four-year full-time undergraduate degree program that trains the students to become an elementary school teacher and help the students the belong to the age group of six to twelve in developing their skills and enhancing their knowledge. The eligibility criteria for pursuing B.El.Ed is passing marks in 10+2. The course incorporates subjects covering historical patterns, philosophical theories, current classroom trends, history and evolution of education, education-related prior state and federal legislative policies, principles for child development, education practice, pedagogy, and role of a teacher in the grooming of students, etc.

One book, one pen, and one teacher can change the world- Malala Yousafzai. So, if you are planning on being a teacher to bring a change then do not miss considering these amazing teacher training programs to be the best teacher.

All the best!

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