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Conquering New Heights with Teachmint

If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.

Kanchan Deepak Chaudhary is a true inspiration for teachers across the world, she resides in the heart of Maharashtra- Bhusawal. Kanchan is an extremely hardworking and dedicated Employability skills teacher, she is an English Literature graduate with a B.Ed degree. With all the talent she holds, she is helping people develop employability skills in order to attract better work and growth opportunities. Kanchan ma'am masters 13 different vocations starting from plumbing to electricity management. In short, you name it, and she has got it. She used to teach as a government teacher before the pandemic hit the world, but the COVID 19 outbreak brought everything to a standstill.

She was caught in turmoil since she couldn't continue with the one thing that she loves the most: teaching. That is when she came across Teachmint, and she explored the features, she was happy to know that she could choose from 11 languages in Teachmint, she loved how she could create an MCQ test paper within the app, and Kanchan ma'am is someone who is multi-talented and multitasks, hence, Teachmint was her perfect match. She saw the hope of continuing with her dream, she saw her plans, wishes, and goals taking shape and she thought of taking classes using Teachmint.

"I love Teachmint, I feel so great to be teaching using Teachmint with total ease and convenience."

But no journey is easy and so wasn't hers, she wasn't tech-savvy when she began her journey. She wasn't able to use the features properly due to a lack of knowledge about the same but Kanchan ma'am did rise like an inspiration as she is someone who refused technical advancements to hold her back from helping people out there. Each member of the support team at Teachmint is familiar with her due to her never-ending spirit for learning, and her passion for helping her students grow. She used to directly contact the support team at the tap of a button whenever she had doubts regarding the app and online teaching.

“Online teaching was a new concept for me, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it well, but Teachmint and its features made online teaching very easy for me, I learned everything so quick”

When asked what she would do if not teaching, her answer was astonishing and encouraging. Ms. Kanchan said that teaching is the only passion she has in life, she couldn't imagine her life as anyone else except a teacher, she said that teaching is her first love, and it would continue to remain her first love forever. She also said that she keeps on getting the internal motivation to teach and the passion for teaching comes from within.

When asked 'why do you love teaching so much' her answer was-

“You cannot do much for the world due to many reasons but the least you can do is share what you have. I feel like sharing all the knowledge I have with the people who need it the most, knowledge can change the life of a person upside-down just like magic. We should always believe in sharing our knowledge with others.”

Her selfless nature is what inspires us the most. Now she can be called a tech-savvy teacher as she rocks with Teachmint, she does live recordings of her classes in case her students have any doubts, she uses the automatic attendance download feature and saves time, and she evaluates the assignments with ease.

She has been a warrior and we cannot feel proud enough to be sharing her story with our readers. Kanchan ma'am is a live demonstration of Tamara Taylor's saying that "As long as you keep going, you'll keep getting better. And as you get better, you gain more confidence. That alone is a success."

To bring ease and efficiency to the table, it is of utmost importance to digitize your school. With a brilliant suite of features, the Teachmint Integrated School Platform makes the process of management, teaching, learning, and analysis- easy, effective, and practically consolidated with one another. Check out the features here.

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