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The Healthy Way to Teach Online!

“The syllabus and the textbooks are just a part of teaching. What makes a teacher great is the zeal and passion that they have. Teachers help build the future, they create professionals and there is nothing more divine than being able to share one's knowledge.”

A doctor, a professor, an artist, and a writer, Dr. Sutanu Patra is multitalented, and multifaceted, and aces all the roles at hand. The titles, certifications, and the weight of his resume have not tarnished his politeness and courteousness.

Dr. Sutanu has been teaching since the past two years. He is a visiting lecturer at Florence Nightingale School of Nursing, Bidar, Karnataka and handles many subjects like Psychology, Psychiatric Nursing, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical-Surgical Nursing, etc. He also connects with students in Ghana, and Africa and shares his valuable knowledge about medicine.

He was teaching at the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and the students hailed from rural areas where the internet connection was not that great. When the pandemic struck, the teachers were left clueless. He was also the Academic Coordinator for E-Learning. He had the added responsibility of making sure that the classes went smoothly. There were ten faculty members at the institution and one common concern was how to reach the students effectively.

“We were not ready to settle for anything but the best and hence tried a lot of apps from Zoom to Google Meet to Microsoft Teams. We were not satisfied with the results. Either the video quality was poor or the app was not working in low bandwidth. That’s when we came across Teachmint and the unique and amazing features have kept us hooked ever since.”

He took the classes online. He was responsible for the entire shift. Dr.Sutanu says that the live class recording is one of the best features because of which he is able to save time. He teaches over 170 students using Teachmint and finds the Timetable feature helpful and efficient. He does not have to remind students about the live classes since Teachmint sends notifications and reminders. He can schedule classes easily and effectively. For someone like Dr. Sutanu, who juggles multiple roles in life, a holistic, one-stop online teaching app is a necessity. He added that he was lucky to have found Teachmint and Teachmint is indeed lucky to have users like Dr. Sutanu Patra who is an inspiration. Here is what he said about his profession:

“I have always looked up to my teachers. I do owe my teachers for what I am today and if I can give back to society by being a great teacher then I am more than happy to spend my days and nights doing that.”

Inspiring! There’s no better way to put his story into words. Thank you for being a part of Teachmint. Stories like this make us stronger. Thank you!

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