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Advantages of Teaching with Games

Teaching with games can simplify concepts. Here topics are presented in the form of a game to make studying fun and interesting for students.

Teaching with games is more commonly known as game-based learning or GBL (in short). It can be applied to almost all subjects. There are myriad benefits of involving games in learning. Teaching with games can be a fun way of teaching as it provides a break from the traditional classroom learning for both the learner and the teacher. GBL includes interactive games that appeal to learners.

Platforms for teaching with games

To provide an environment suitable for game-based learning, the technology of augmented reality can be used to create a simulated environment, which appears very similar to real-life settings. Also, sometimes, GBL can take place in virtual environments, resembling real-life setups. Augmented reality is just a step further for imitating real-life settings even better.

How does it work?

Teaching with games or game-based learning is nothing but a computerized version of real-life systems, basically. For example, if students are being taught about the solar system, augmented reality can be used to recreate the solar system in front of the students. Even 3D glasses and sound effects can be used to provide an overall real-life experience to students. They may be further asked questions related to the topic and scored on the basis of their answers.

Advantages of Teaching with Games

Increased Engagement:

Even though lectures and individual assignments have been used in traditional teaching since ages, these do not make for the most effective tools for increasing student engagement. Fun activities like games have shown high efficacy in increasing the involvement of students during teaching. Students taking part in such games or activities remain more motivated for winning. This in turn allows them to be engaged throughout the lesson being taught. Teaching with games provides students with hands-on training and practical experience.

Learning Teamwork:

Games used for learning can sometimes be useful for teaching teamwork to students. Teamwork is a skill that is crucial for life. By providing students with the opportunity to get engaged in games with their classmates, during a lesson, teachers actually allow them to practice working in a team in a cooperative manner. It teaches students to be respectful towards their teammates. GBL also allows students to learn working with all kinds of individuals and tackle tricky situations.

Learning Sportsmanship:

The true sportsmanship spirit is reflected in the ability to accept victory or defeat with grace. People with good sportsmanship spirit will not complain about their defeat or brag about their win. They might get depressed by a defeat, but they would know how to channelize their emotion into something productive and be better prepared for the future. Similarly, upon winning, they don't show arrogance. These qualities are crucial in life. When students learn through games, they are able to learn sportsmanship. Handling a defeat or victory maturely needs practice, and this can be achieved through games and competitive activities. It allows them to enhance the skills by which they acquire the ability to appropriately respond to any outcome, be it a win or defeat.

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills:

Problem-solving skills are crucial for a successful career. To solve a puzzle, students must be aware of the ways of solving it. When students are given the chance to get involved in game-based learning, they are able to work on their problem-solving skills. When students are exposed to solving complex problems, they get the opportunity to think critically, which ultimately helps them enhance their problem-solving skills.

Keeping Students Motivated:

The overall motivation of students can be increased by teaching with games. It gives students the motivation to learn lessons with renewed interest. Thus, students get more attentive in a classroom. It also allows them to participate in various activities and perform better and excel in studies. Game-based learning teaches students to be responsible. Keeping the motivation alive among students is very important for efficient learning. Motivation makes students keep going towards achieving success.

Making Students Tech Savvy:

In today’s world, it is quite important to be familiar with the latest technology and devices. Game-based learning incorporates technologies into classroom learning. This allows students to become familiar with digital devices from an early stage of their lives. For instance, in higher classes, several projects and presentations are needed to be made which require a good knowledge of computers. Giving students the opportunity to use devices like computers from an early stage of learning helps them become comfortable with such devices. This in turn gives them confidence.


Teaching with games acts as an efficient medium to teach students problem-solving skills, teamwork, flexibility, etc. It also provides students with technological knowhow, makes them more proactive and increases their interest in studies. It allows them to think critically and provide more scope for imagination. Using games-based learning gives students an enhanced experience as it utilizes technology in real-life situations. Since augmented reality is often used for GBL, it gives students a new experience, which in turn keeps their interest in studies alive. Students remain interested and motivated towards learning as they find GBL attractive. It thus becomes easier for teachers to keep students engaged in their classes. Teaching with games focuses more on providing students with fun educational games. It helps students have a different approach towards learning as they start enjoying the process of learning. It increases the information retention power of students as they get hands-on and interactive sessions related to lessons.

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