Teachmint- Now Available in 11 Languages

Teachmint- Now Available in 11 Languages

  • Anagha Vallikat
    Anagha Vallikat

India is a land of diversities. There are a lot of cultures and languages in the country, with people hailing from different backgrounds.

Teachmint has always been at the forefront of inclusivity and being an Indian app, it is important to address the different languages in the country.

According to a survey conducted in 2019, more than 630 million people in India use the internet. Teachmintโ€™s mission is to democratize online education and in a country like ours, ensuring that everyone understands the platform and that language does not act as a barrier was one of the prime concerns. No matter where the teacher is from, they should be able to understand the platform and conduct classes seamlessly. Teachmint is now available in 11 different Indian languages and everyone can use the app with the same ease and convenience.

People across the country will find the user experience flawless. They wouldnโ€™t have to struggle with not understanding the language.

The languages available are:

  1. English
  2. Hindi
  3. Marathi
  4. Gujrati
  5. Punjabi
  6. Tamil
  7. Telugu
  8. Kannada
  9. Malayalam
  10. Bangla
  11. Odiya

After downloading the app from the play store and registering with your mobile number, you will get the option to choose from the following languages:

Teachmint- Available in 11 languages

Select the language of your choice and enjoy a seamless online teaching experience.

If you have any questions for Teachmint, please drop them in the comments section.