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Launch NEP Compliant 21st Century Skill Courses

Teachmint Partners with OrangeSlates to Upskill School Teachers Across India


  • 35+ hours of teacher training courses are now available on Teachmint’s Integrated School Platform for all our school partners
  • This also supports schools in taking steps towards NEP 2020 which encourages teacher training across schools
  • With this, Teachmint is expanding our integrated offerings for schools while OrangeSlates expands its offerings to schoolteachers across India

Teachmint is delighted to announce our partnership with OrangeSlates, a leading educator upskilling platform, to enable dedicated and consistent upskilling of school teachers across India. With this partnership, a variety of courses will now be available on Teachmint’s Integrated School Platform for all our school partners, enabling educators to learn, train and upskill conveniently to learn comfortably, practice, and revisit topics as needed.

Courses include a wide range of topics such as Making the most of digital tools like Microsoft Word, Managing special education needs, Bringing Experiential Learning to Classrooms, Gamifying Assessments, Interpersonal Skills, and more.

“Teachmint has been powering schools with a first-of-its-kind Integrated School Platform. With our partnership with OrangeSlates and the addition of teacher upskilling courses, we have further expanded our school digitization offerings, making our platform the one-stop solution for every need of a school. Teacher training is an integral part of building high-performance schools, as highlighted in NEP 2020, and we are committed to equipping our partners with the best resources to aid the same. We are delighted to join hands with OrangeSlates and are certain this synergy will help us take big strides toward our vision of empowering schools.”- Divyansh Bordia, COO and Co-founder, Teachmint.

OrangeSlates is India's fastest-growing platform for upskilling educators. Consisting of engaging live programs & power-packed on-demand courses, the company has helped over 30,000+ educators upskill themselves and become future-ready educators. With their partnership with Teachmint, OrangeSlates expands its presence to Teachmint’s network of thousands of schools and educators across India.

“Two things that make any institution great are its People & Processes. For schools that means firstly, its academic & operational systems and secondly, its teachers. With our teacher up-skilling courses embedded in Teachmint’s Integrated School Platform, schools now have a solution that can empower them towards unparalleled success”. We’re excited to enter into this partnership and transform schools across India”. Using the Teachmint app, all partnering school teachers can avail OrangeSlates courses for re-skilling and career acceleration by way of staying in sync with the infrastructure changes.”- Ms. Sindu Aven, COO & Co-Founder, OrangeSlates

About OrangeSlates

OrangeSlates is India's fastest-growing platform for upskilling educators on a wide range of pedagogies, teaching strategies, and the latest tools. With its highly engaging & hands-on Live Programs & power-packed on-demand courses, over 30000+ educators have upskilled themselves and have become future-ready educators.

OrangeSlates was founded by Pradeep Pillai, Sindu Aven, Vishal Khutel & Vrushali Sheth who have rich experience in setting up, growing, and turning around schools at large scale around India. With experience in top brands like Zee Learn, and Cambridge. MT Educare and Future Learning, the team plans to bring about much-needed change in teacher education.

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