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A step-by-step guide on how to sell online courses

Online courses are digital learning products. The e-learning industry has been witnessing a boom, primarily because of the facilities, ease and convenience it offers. With an online course app, one can learn something from their comfort zone at their own suitable time. Online courses offer great flexibility and are a lucrative learning opportunity not just for young students, but also business professionals.

This article focuses on how to sell online courses. The demand for e-learning and online courses has seen a rise in recent days, especially due to the ongoing pandemic.  Experts believe that this rise is going to continue in the coming days as well. Let us find out what are the steps towards constructing a successful online course and subsequently how to sell online courses.

Steps for selling online courses:

In this section, the article focuses on the basic steps of how to sell online courses.

Step 1: Chose a fascinating topic that sells

People get enrolled in online courses because of several reasons like learning something new, enhancing skill-set, getting certified, or preparing for academics. The career-related courses sell out the highest in the e-learning industry. Based upon a broad topic, you should try to select your preferred niche and dig in deep. The more in-depth your research is, the more informative your designed online course will contain. Thus, providing more information on the most-demanding topics can be a good factor for selling your online course.

Step 2: Design your online course

Once you have selected the desired topic for your online course, now it is time for you to create it. The audiovisual based online learning is the most-preferred mode. Make sure you do good research about your target audience. Once you get to know your target users, the course design becomes much easier.

Having said that, choosing the appropriate script for creation of teaching videos is important. The gears you use for shooting such audiovisual based teaching videos is also crucial. Just make sure to utilize whatever is available to you optimally. Make sure to produce high quality content for your audiences. Before finalizing the content, you should check thoroughly for any mistakes. Small mistakes can be taken care of while editing.

Step 3: Choosing the platform for selling your online course

For your online course to be accessible to everyone, you need to host it on an online platform. It gives you the opportunity to reach out to the maximum number of people. Going online worldwide also makes your course look professional. The video or learning material that you create with so much of hard work, needs to be put or hosted by online platforms. The sale of your online course will also depend on how easily it is available to the public. You may opt for an app-based learning, or you could make it available to readers on the internet through a website. Both are equally easy to access. All in all, choosing the right platform for the launch of your online course is important.

Step 4: Deciding the charge for your online course

To figure out the correct market price of your online course, you need to go through a little trial and error. The price for your online course may vary based upon the topic you provide, the amount of information, what kind of certification your offer and also your target audience. The cost that you bear for creating your online course should also get covered in your offer price.

In the future, you may also think about increasing the price of your online course by updating it or offering extra information. Providing an attractive discount on your online course fee can also boost up its sales.

Step 5: Trial launching your online course

This is a crucial step to identify whether the online course will be profitable for you. You can run a trial launch and see how the audiences respond. Based on this, you can go further with your online course and make it a serious full-time business. With the further steps, how to sell online courses will become clearer to you.

Step 6: Marketing and Promotion to sell your online course

Wondering how to sell online courses? Well, if you are serious about your online course business, then you have to promote it seriously in a professional manner. Just creating the online course is not enough, you have to reach out to people on your own. Otherwise, you can attract people towards your online course through digital marketing or advertisement. The budget can be a decisive factor in this step. However, good promotion is important for any kind of business.

Step 7: Creating a sale’s strategy

Keep a track of the pattern that your target audience follows while making their decision of picking an online course. Awareness, consideration and decision-making are the three main elements for this. You should not be afraid to experiment with the content for your online course. Try to bring up something new for the target readers to optimize your sale’s strategy.

Step 8: Fetch feedback from users and ask for recommendation

After the creation, marketing and selling of your online course, now it is time to gather feedback and reviews from the users. If they like your course, humbly request them to promote it for you. This will again boost the sale of your online course. Make sure you provide a high-quality customer experience. Gradually focus on creating a community on social media to further promote your online course.


The growth in the demand of online courses is obvious because of the facilities offered by them. The e-learning industry is at its peak now with the rising demand in online courses. It offers learners all over the world to access information from anywhere. A small supporting device like mobile, tablet or computer is enough to pursue online learning with an online course app. It offers the flexibility of accessing information from your home at your suitable time. Constructing an attractive online course is essential if you thrive in the e-learning industry. The tips shared in this article will help you understand the nitty-gritty of designing an online course and also tell you how to sell online courses.

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