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How to Launch Online Keyboard Classes

If you're looking to quickly and easily launch your online keyboard classes, look no further! This guide provides all the solutions to get started in no time.

Getting started on your online music classes may seem like a daunting task as there are so many components involved. This is why we've put together a step-by-step blueprint to help you set up and launch your online keyboard classes as quickly as possible.

There are 2 phases to launching your course.

The first phase involves planning and researching your course. In this part, you look at your niche, design your course curriculum, and review your budget.

  • Targeting a Niche
    A niche refers to a specific segment of a market. Since you’re planning to launch online keyboard classes, you’re targeting a group that wants to learn a particular musical instrument—the keyboard. That group is your niche. Knowing your niche is important because it ensures that your marketing message is received by those who are interested.  You can always look to narrow your niche further. You can target different age groups, music genres, or even different customer goals.
    Your niche’s goal to a learn keyboard can be new skill development, improvement of an existing skill, releasing stress, or just having fun. Talk about the goals you can help fulfill for your audience and how. After that, you need to position yourself uniquely. Rather than calling yourself a music teacher, go specific. For example, you’re a classical keyboard coach/specialist.
    And finally, develop a mission statement which talks about what you do, how you do it, and for whom. Your message should have a bigger purpose.

Design your Course Curriculum
This part involves designing the structure of your course. Your course should be a combination of theory and action.

Here are six steps for designing a high-impact curriculum for your online keyboard classes.

  • Step 1: Self Analysis
    The starting point of the journey is self-awareness. Your audience needs to know their current situation before planning the next step.

    You need to set some ground rules while brushing up the basics. You can talk about the fundamentals of playing a keyboard, which keyboard to purchase, etc.
  • Step2: Setting a Goal
    This is where you set goals for your audience to take a leap from their current to their desired situation.

    Your goals need to be SMART. One goal can be learning to play three songs on your keyboard in 90 days.
  • Step 3: Creating a Plan
    This is where you design the roadmap to achieve the goal. You can create a 90-day learning plan for your online keyboard classes.
  • Step 4: Systems/Tools
    This step talks about all the templates and frameworks required in achieving the goal. You can discuss how to play different chords and scales on the keyboard.
  • Step 5: Action Routine
    This is the step where the rubber meets the road. Learning without action is as good as not knowing. This is where you design practice schedules and give assignments as per the objective.
  • Step 6: Analysis
    This step involves an analysis of your progress. You can develop a weekly or monthly review to check the progress.
    If the student completes their goals at the end of the challenge, they earn a certification of completion.
  • Budgeting
    It deals with calculating your income and expenses for launching your online keyboard classes. Moreover, it helps you avoid being overwhelmed later.
    Your primary income comes from selling your courses. Depending on your business model, you can divide your lessons into levels based on users' proficiency—like beginners, intermediaries, and expert-level courses. Other income sources can be through consulting and affiliate marketing.
    When discussing expenses, you're looking at income tax (GST), tool expenses, online ads, outsourcing, and other miscellaneous expenses.
    Budgeting also helps you assess a price for your course for you to sustain and thrive in the long run. Ideally, you need to offer at least ten times the value for the price you offer.

The second phase deals with launching the online keyboard classes.

  • Setting up the Systems
    You must have heard the famous saying that ‘people fail, systems don't.’ Here are some things you need to set up:
  • Personal-branded website
  • Email Marketing
  • Payment gateway system

The best way to go is to use a platform that helps you with all of the above. Teachmore, for instance, is one such online platform that helps with everything from creating website to selling online courses.

  • Record and Launch
    Now is the time to record your course as per your curriculum. It's important to remember that your videos are short, crisp, and entertaining. It should talk to the users and motivate them to take action.
  • Attracting Leads
    After you've launched, you need to attract potential customers.
    Since you're starting, you might not see sales initially, but you can focus on getting people into your tribe.
    Meanwhile, you can create content to build authority and nurture your audience. The warm leads will eventually purchase as they move along the funnel. Get the ball rolling by finding your first 100 members and building your tribe on that. You can set online ads to improve the reach. Furthermore, you should reinvest the money you earn through sales back into the system.

    With time, as your sales go up and your tribe keeps building, you can look into scaling the system by optimizing it further.

    As more people become a part of your online keyboard classes, you can focus on getting reviews. Reviews are an excellent feedback mechanism and provide social proof to potential customers.

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