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Student Portal

Increased digitization has intertwined students' lives with different internet apps and websites. With virtual classes and online exams, different smart tools and applications have become integral to the operations of the education system.

A student portal is a website that contains all the required information that a student may need during their school years, such as information regarding examination schedules, timetables, how to apply for transcripts, important contact numbers, even a layout of the college or school etc. An online portal is beneficial for students as it allows for a mechanism that can instantly provide solutions to the various queries of students. This mechanism helps students to navigate their school or college avenues, making the student portal even better.

For example, for a new student joining any educational institute, there are several different things that they need to check off their checklist. Navigating through the different academic requirements and administrative systems at a new educational institute can be quite perplexing. For example, it can be complex for a new student to figure out how and where they should go to apply for their transcripts. Additionally, the processes can also be very time consuming, for example even after a student figures out the process to apply for their transcripts, it is likely to take a few days before they can get their transcript.

An online portal provides a solution for all of these issues. It allows students to apply for their requirements and get a streamlined answer.

Advantages of a student portal:

The most important benefit of a student portal is that it is time and cost-effective for the students as well as the University. It saves time and money for the students as all they have to do is access the student portal for whatever information they require. Secondly, as they can just use the student portal to apply for requests, such as to request for a transcript, they do not have to go through the paperwork that they would have to fill in case of physical requests.

It is time and cost-effective for educational institutes because, instead of having to print a lot of information booklets and examination schedules etc. on paper, they can just upload it online. This reduces paper use as well as paper wastage which is also great for the environment.

Secondly, students in university usually have a lot of things that they have to keep track of, such as examination schedules, timetables etc. This is even more so the case when a student is just joining an educational institute. A student portal makes it easy for a student to keep track of all the schedules and timetables and any changes to the same.

Furthermore, a student portal provides help for the students from their first day. As discussed earlier when joining a new education institute there are several requirements that a student needs to fulfill, from figuring out a lot of necessary paperwork to figuring out dorms, food passes etc. For this, students usually have to keep traveling from one end of the campus to another trying to figure out how to finish all the items on their checklist. Streamlining all these different requirements into a student portal makes it easy for students on the first day to get their bearings and be able to fulfill all of the requirements efficiently. The student portal helps the students make sure that even on the first day when they do not know the educational institute very well, they still know exactly where to go in case of a problem.


In conclusion, the student portal is a feature that every educational institute needs to have in the digital age; it helps students stay on top of their deadlines, as well as helps to inform the students of the different facilities that their educational institute provides. It also helps students know and fulfill the different requirements that the educational institute has. It helps to streamline processes.

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