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How live classroom infrastructure can help ed-tech startups

We leverage technological advancements and greatly depend on our mobile phones for everyday tasks. In addition, mandatory activities like grocery shopping, food delivery, education attainment and professional lives have shifted online. The shift helped in the prosperity of various industries, including edtech startups. Moreover, deeper internet penetration helped the companies in this sector expand their wings. As a result, we saw a boom in the education sector.

The improvements in the edtech ecosystem have helped teachers and students go out of their comfort zones. Digital classrooms have replaced brick and mortar classrooms. As most classes have shifted to the digital medium, students now spend 4-8 hours online. Therefore, making the sessions interactive and fun for students and teachers is vital. It can be done through live classes as they help engage students and teachers through features like chats and comments. Moreover, students and educators can leverage real-time messaging to ask questions and solve queries. As a result, it makes the classes lively and fun by encouraging healthy participation.

Live classrooms have emerged as a new model of distance education. It allows teachers and students to interact with each other. Moreover, teachers can control the class by setting learning objectives and pace of learning. The technological advancements have led to a massive boom in the education sector, and the new changes are here to stay.

Schools shifted from offline to online courses, and students started getting the education with a tap. Now, students do not have to sit in the confinement of their classes to attain education; they can do so from anywhere. Likewise, this shift also helped educators to enhance their efficiency. As online education bridged the gap between students and teachers, it gave opportunities to edtech startups to build a robust live classroom infrastructure. Now, edtech companies focus on making the classes interactive through live video streaming, live polls, quizzes, and real-time messaging.

Live classes offer enormous benefits to educators and students. Moreover, they also provide a firm ground for edtech companies to scale their business. Let us look at how a robust online classroom infrastructure can help edtech startups.

How can live classroom infrastructure help ed-tech startups?

Remote learning has emerged as the new normal. Moreover, there is a need to revolutionise the education sector. Edtech companies can provide the comfort of online classes to schools, teachers, and students. With the provision of live streaming and video calls, the education sector can speed up to new heights.

Live classrooms can benefit edtech startups, and companies must focus on this domain. The benefits offered by live classes include:

  • Remote learning

Live classes have enabled remote learning, and students can access their courses from anywhere. They do not have to depend on traditional models to gain education. Moreover, teachers can maximise their reach by catering to hundreds of students at a time. In addition, they can utilise their time to develop better teaching plans for students. Edtech startups can provide live classroom infrastructure to teachers to manage their students efficiently. Moreover, they provide an opportunity for educators to interact directly with their students during the classes.

  • Lower costs

Live classrooms help educators to design and sell their courses. As a result, they can develop various courses to help their students. By providing technological advancements to teachers, edtech startups can ensure that students get access to the best courses at reduced costs.

  • Flexibility

Live classrooms also allow recording the ongoing classes. As a result, students can understand complex topics at their pace. By developing live classroom infrastructure, edtech companies can enhance students' learning abilities.

  • Monitoring

Edtech companies can provide tracking tools to teachers and students. These tools can be used for measuring student engagement. Moreover, teachers can record the attendance in their classrooms. The monitoring and analytics tools can help the teachers enhance the classroom's efficiency. In addition, it also enables students to track their progress and performance in different tests.

Providing the benefits of online classes to teachers and students can upscale your business. Repeatedly viewing recorded sessions while learning can become monotonous for students. So it would help to make the class interactive to fuel energy and provide a better learning environment to students. Make online learning a fun experience for educators and students by offering them a robust live classroom infrastructure.

Teachmint is the leading ed-infra provider helping educational institutions improve their efficiency. With our offerings like LMS, attendance management, fee management system, and more, institutes can boost their productivity multifold.

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