Learning Management System
End-to-end solution for learning and teaching
Create high quality assessments with minimal effort
Fee Management
All the fee management tools you need under a single roof
Student Information System
All your student data at your finger tips in one click
Admission Management
Seamless lead management and admission process digitization
Exam Planner
Plan exams and share schedule seamlessly with all students and teachers
Report Card
Customize, create, download and print your school’s digital report card
Collect school fees in advance and get visibility into your cashflow
Student Tracking System
Keep track of student information, performance, bus-location and attendance.
Launch NEP Compliant 21st Century Skill Courses

What makes Teachstack the gamechanger in the school ERP software market?

The biggest benefit of technology today is the ability to efficiently manage data and task automation. One such form of technology is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. While ERP is usually used for managing business processes, many schools and institutions are also adapting to ERP to improve institute management processes. But don’t get hung up on the business jargon, you might just have heard about it in the form of a school management system (SMS) or Learning Management System (LMS).

In the wake of the evolution of education technology across the globe, continuous learning for students has never been so critical. With that in mind, online learning and learning management is assuming an important role in education-focused organizations. An online learning management platform considerably reduces the travel inconveniences and makes education more accessible ensuring a reduction in costs and an increase in student productivity.

Why do you need ERP software for your school/institution?

An ERP is an important aspect in today’s school management process. Based on the school's comprehensive requirements like performance monitoring, classroom progress, section-wise progress, attendance management, etc, ERP software can help manage common cumbersome tasks and compile them into a simple report if need be.

Some of the common reasons for adapting ERP software for school management are:

  • Paperless Process - A fully automated system reduces the hassle of paper documentation as well as manpower and storage resources.
  • Organization - Automation can help index and store information from various heads including attendance, fee payments, staff salaries, exam performance and admissions.
  • Lossless Classroom Communication -  Communication in a school is not only limited to conversations in the classroom. It also includes communication to teachers, students and parents, but also internally between staff and various departments. With video conferencing as a service, this can be easily solved.
  • Peak Your Productivity - With the automation capabilities of ERP, managing daily tasks becomes much more efficient. In addition, school management software can help process students’ attendance, report card generation, and update parents regularly with the students' progress.

How can VaaS enable institute ERP Softwares

Video-As-A-Service (VaaS) is a cloud-based solution that has been largely adopted across major institutions and organizations as a leg-up over traditional ERP solutions where enterprise level video services have supported technical disability challenges over time. For E-learning solutions, VaaS becomes a sensational combination with school/institution ERP to provide a unique live classroom experience.

In general, VaaS enables cloud services for ERP that can help save companies by reducing the setup, maintenance, and video conferencing related hassles. Below are five of the general cost benefits of SaaS ERP.

Benefits of VaaS with ERP

  • Mobility: With VaaS and ERP combined, host your classroom anywhere, anytime with no need to visit the brick and mortar facility during times of crisis or otherwise. Host tests, manage sessions and record classrooms easily with Teachstack.
  • Less Complicated Usage: Normally, ERP based tools can be complicated and require additional training for instructors but with VaaS, you can learn and play at the same time, reducing hassle towards cumbersome training modules.
  • Scalability: With VaaS, you can easily scale your ERP to include the features that you want and pay only for those features. This makes your live classroom cost-effective as well.
  • Easy Integration: As seen with most Saas products, VaaS offers uneasy-to-use plug-and-play-based integration, making easy installation into your classroom-based ERP without any major changes.

How does Teachstack help

Teachers are adopting video conferencing apps to enrich the learning experience for students. However, most teachers don’t realize that technology demands its own process.

In a virtual classroom, the teacher needs to interact with the students in discussions as this helps ensure and measure the appropriate knowledge transfer to the students.

Teachstack brings to you a host of tools and features that are specifically customized for online classroom learning. This helps eliminate the use of generic video conferencing apps where classroom-specific tools are absent. One such example is the use of an advanced analytics dashboard - which helps us do real-time analysis of the student and teacher engagement, presence and performance in the classroom.

Teachstack allows you to share your screen or use the whiteboard feature, which enables teachers to use infographics and interactive slides to host the classroom session. This helps the students understand complex subjects like mathematics, science, and geography easily. With such novel features facilitating audio and visual faculties, students could see concepts coming alive before them rather than just referring to books. This enablement has led to lesser doubts springing up as well as freeing up more time to solve them.

Teachstack - What Sets Us Apart

At Teachstack, we provide a unique classroom experience with our proprietary video conferencing APIs, enabling easy-to-use live video call features as well as a host of tools to enhance your classroom experience like attendance markup, Q&A using the poll function, etc. Some major benefits include:

  • Scalability: Teachstack is designed to offer high scalability to millions of users and withstand high spikes in traffic without disruption.
  • Secure Installation: Teachstack can be easily integrated with the ready to deploy plug-and-play approach.
  • Reliability: Teachstack has been tested across multiple terrains for over 500,000 concurrent users, making it a robust application.
  • Compatibility: Teachstack has been optimized for all popular mobile platforms and offers easy compatibility with the most mobile OS.
  • Support: Our team of experienced professionals provides dedicated support in all aspects of development to operations.


Technology in schools and institutions can transform the lives of students by giving them a newer pedagogy of classroom learning - if it involves a device/gadget they love to hold in their hands.

Teachstack brings a customized classroom learning experience for students all across the globe. Easy to set up and use, it is highly scalable and requires very little training for educators to use. A novel solution today that helps build the live classroom of tomorrow - that is what we at Teachstack are striving towards, always.

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