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How is Technology Changing the Face of Education?

Change is the only certainty that we have. The world is changing at a rapid pace. The development and advancement of technology have brought in so many changes. We have come a long way with respect to education and specifically technology in education. With technology, classrooms are more inclusive than ever before and teachers have found new ways to connect with their students and increase student engagement. Teaching is not an easy profession, but technology has helped to make it easier and less complicated.

Schools and educational institutions have been transforming digitally over the past few years. The onset of the global pandemic catalyzed the process.

With the pandemic, education has become even more redefined. More and more teachers are conducting online classes and virtual classrooms have become the new normal. Today, we will be looking at how technology is changing the face of education and what the future of education looks like. Without further ado, let’s look at technology in education and the changes that it has brought.

1. Multimedia in Education

Multimedia provides teachers and students with endless possibilities and opportunities. Before we set on to discuss multimedia in education let’s take a look at what is multimedia. Videos, infographics, music, audio, gifs, and likewise fall under multimedia. Multimedia in education helps teachers to increase the quality of their teaching and helps students understand concepts better. From small clipart in your PowerPoint presentation to intense animation, everything is multimedia. Multimedia in education can help to increase participation, instruct in better ways, and simplify communication. With online classes and online teaching on the rise, multimedia has helped to bring in a lifelike experience. Education is a social institution and multimedia in education has helped to strengthen its roots and make it better.

2. Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented reality is a realm with wide possibilities. It helps teachers to impart quality education. Suppose if you are teaching visual arts, there are 3D arts definition apps and coloring apps that help students to analyze a painting more closely. Through augmented reality (AR), educators and teachers across the globe are able to improve learning outcomes through increased engagement and interactivity. AR has evolved over the years and now, it has become more cost-friendly, accessible, effective, and moreover, a necessity. It helps students to enhance their problem-solving skills and aptitude. It goes without doubt that technology is changing the face of education.

3. E- Study Material

Online study materials and online resources are a great advantage of technology in education. One of the main benefits of e study materials is that students can access the information anytime they want from anywhere and it is a huge repository of knowledge that they can access from the comfort of their homes. No knowledge is small in education.

There is so much more outside the textbook and curriculum and technology helps students to explore this and expand their horizons. Students can pace their learning and be more self-disciplined. As mentioned, e-learning materials also help to give a larger and broader perspective. It has the ability to increase critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. In a way, online study materials and resources have made students independent and able. There are relevant and reliable resources available online that are sure to help students in a lot of ways.

4. Efficient Assessment

Assessment is a part of education and it is one of the basic principles of teaching. There are two types of assessments, summative and formative. While one determines the level of understanding through exams and other similar ways, the other is focused to analyze the understanding and comprehension of students through question and answers discussions, etc. The role of a teacher is not just to teach. It goes beyond that. They have to ensure that the students are benefitting from the teaching and the assessment process is of paramount importance. With the development of technology, tracking progress and assessment has become easy and effective. Classroom management apps and online teaching apps provide tools to assess students and grade them according to their performance. With real-time reports and dashboards, it is easy to keep track of student progress and alter teaching methods accordingly.


Technology is changing the face of education in ways more than imaginable. If you were to tell someone 10 years ago that students would attend classes from their home, no one would have believed you. That is the pace at which technology has developed. Look at the brilliant online teaching platforms out there. They have features that facilitate real-time student-teacher interaction, live class recording, online whiteboard, and more. Education as an institution has changed drastically and it is for the best. We are headed in the right direction. We just have to make optimum use of the resources that we have and use them sensibly. While technology is changing the face of education, it is important to alter the methods and strategies and adapt to the change.

If you are trying to start teaching online and are searching for a good online teaching app, Teachmint is the best option. With this one-stop solution, you can manage live classes, there’s real-time student-teacher interaction, automatic attendance, and more.

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