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Tips to Help Students in Essay Writing

What is Essay Writing?
An essay is a short piece of writing that outlines the writer's point of view or story. From school exams to exams like UPSC, students need good writing skills for writing good answers. Having good writing skills helps the students in acing their role as a student. There are different types of writing; formal writing and informal writing.

What is Formal Writing?
Formal writing or formal essay writing is any type of writing that is written formally and for the audience that the writers don't know personally. These write-ups have a formal structure and tone. They are generally written to have formal conversations, and hence, the language needs to be very specific. For instance- 'I am writing to inform you' is a formal way of writing an official or formal letter. On the other hand, sentences like 'just wanted to let you know' do not count as a part of formal writing. These write-ups are generally written to the officials like school principals, etc.

What is Informal Writing?
Informal writing pattern or informal essay writing is done to have casual or informal conversations with people. These write-ups do not have a set or fixed structure. The flow and pattern of the essays or write-ups can be casual. Such essays are generally written to close friends or family members. People can use personalized sentences here. For instance- 'Cheers, see you soon' can be used in the write-up rather than writing ' Yours Sincerely or Yours Truly' while ending it.

3 Tips for Teachers to Help Students in Essay Writing
Teachers play a major role in the learning and development of the students. Here are a few tips that teachers can follow in order to help the students in essay writing and make essay writing easy for them-

1- Guide them in outlining the essay well- Making a good outline of an article or essay is the first master step to make it a good one. The first tip from the most talented writers in the world is to make a good outline of the article and then add elements to it. Doing so helps the writers in keeping up with the flow of the essay without getting distracted. The first thing that teachers should teach their students in the essay writing class is to design a good outline. Giving a step-by-step guide to the students would be a great idea.

2- Encourage them to read a lot-
One of the secret mantras for writing good essays is to read good essays. Soaking up ample articles, writing styles, and writing examples will provide the students with a good idea of how they should structure the essays. Make reading a daily activity in your classroom and observe the magic. Making students develop a love for reading is a primary step while making them essay writing experts.

3- Make them practice enough-
'Practice makes a man perfect', everyone must have heard this quote at least once in their lives. Making the students practice enough can prove to be magical while teaching the students essay writing. Teachers can make a list of topics suitable for the students and make them write on one topic every alternate day. Teachers can also ask the students to read their essays out and exchange ideas with each other.

Essay writing is not an impossible task, with the right amount of knowledge, practice, and guidance, teachers can help their students in becoming essay writing experts.

Thank you and Happy Teaching!

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