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Tips to Improve Language Skills- A Guide for Teachers

Language skills ought to be mastered in order to express themselves in the most effective way. Hence, it is essential that students work on their language skills and that teachers be a facilitator to improve the efficacy of the process. This article will provide you with some tips that can be implemented in your teaching strategies to enhance your students’ language skills. Read on to know the tips.

Before we go into suggestions for enhancing students' language skills, let's take a closer look at the various facets of language skills.  Language skills include the skills of a person in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Speaking and listening are considered receptive skills and writing and reading are considered productive skills as these two skills require strenuous efforts from the learner to master them. We can say a person has attained maximum proficiency in a language if he/she has mastered all these aspects of the language skills. Now, let's dive into the methodologies which can help improve the skills in the language of a student.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is not an unknown fact that one has to start practicing speaking a language if one has to master it. As we try to practice in a language that is quite foreign to us, it can be frightening at first. As educators, you can give your students the chance to converse in the target language.

You can employ a variety of approaches, such as speaking to your students in the target language, encouraging them to converse with one another in the target language, and using the language during lectures. Additionally, you can assign them simple language-learning exercises. Ask them to write a few sentences or give a one-minute speech on a specific subject in that particular language. This encourages children to think critically, discover terms that fit their needs, and eventually contributes to vocabulary growth.

Movie Screening

There is no doubt that students enjoy watching movies. Everyone loves them. Thus, movie screening is a great way to expose students to language speaking styles. It can be hard at first as they find it difficult to keep up with the pace of the native language speakers. Eventually, they will try to comprehend the dialogue based on the context in which they are being spoken. Consequently, they will pick up various words and phrases and also start to notice the grammatical structure of the language.

You can play movies with subtitles to help students understand the movie better and easily follow the dialogue in the movie. This method also develops their reading skills in the language. As movies are entertaining, students will find this mode of learning engaging and fun. Also, it would have a great impact on developing their language skills.

Books are Saviors

Regardless of how advanced the technology is, books are an asset we always return to when we need help and support. To help children learn the language, teachers might introduce them to some easy books. You may also learn which genres they enjoy and use that information to make book recommendations. Additionally, you can advise your students to look for complex terms while they read and to attempt to decipher their meanings. In this way, they will be able to learn some new terms and their meanings. Encourage them to use these words while speaking and correct them if you using them in the wrong way. This can help them improvise their speaking skills and subsequently their language skills.

Encourage Journal Writing

Journal writing is a great way to improve the writing skills of students. You can motivate your students to write journal entries and make it a habit. In this way, it becomes a way to practice the language regularly. While they are doing the journal entries, students will have to write in a meaningful way for them to make sense. So they will start concentrating on the ways in which they can formulate the sentences in an intelligible way. They will also try to recollect certain words to write the journal. Through journaling, they will begin to improve their writing skills and their language skills and this can instill confidence in them. Moreover, they will also learn to express themselves using the language.

Maximize the Use of Language Labs

Most schools have language laboratories, but whether or not they use them is another matter. Most of the time, those labs go unnoticed, and their worth is downplayed. You may make the most of these laboratories to help your students' linguistic abilities. Students have the chance to listen to numerous audio snippets in these labs where native speakers or language experts are conversing. This enables them to comprehend the linguistic nuances and accents of native speakers. In these labs, there won’t be any distractions and hence, they can learn thoroughly in a peaceful environment. Also, teachers can test the language skills of their students by conducting various tests in these labs. It is an effective methodology to understand where your students are in terms of their understanding of the language.


The article is all about different ways in which teachers can improve the language skills of their students. They can follow these suggestions to contribute to their student's language proficiency. These are simple steps and can be incorporated into your pedagogical methodologies without much effort. It is important that the students acquire language skills as it would assist them in expressing their ideas in the most intelligible manner. Teachers can play a major role in helping the students master language skills for their better future opportunities.

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