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Tips to Teach Middle Schoolers

The classes between grade 6 to grade 8 are considered middle school. These classes teach the basics of all subjects, including science, commerce, and humanities. Middle school is marked by a developing mindset and interest in different fields, which decides further studies.

Here are some tips to teach middle schoolers effectively:

  • Knowing the students

The first step towards understanding and teaching is knowing the students, their learning patterns, and other relevant details to make the class more engaging and exciting. Knowing a student better will help in teaching better. The steps to understanding students better are as follows:

  • Opt for one to one conversation

It is essential to talk to students to understand them better. Try to indulge in one-to-one conversations with the students in your free time. Ask them about their habits, hobbies, study strategies, favorite subjects, and others. The interactions should be exciting and engaging.

  • Observe the students

In the class, observe the students. Since we know that actions speak louder than words, we try to understand students' behavior. At the same time, it is also important not to interfere in the students' personal space.

  • Conduct surveys

To understand students better, one can also opt for surveys. Some examples of such surveys are writing a 'small essay on yourself,' 'list of what you would do in such a situation, 'your opinion about it, and much more. Such surveys help you to analyze the student better.

When it comes to Middle school students, their minds are growing, and at this crucial stage, it is essential to understand them for a better teaching experience.

  • Build an engaging session

Keeping the class fun, active, and happening is essential for the teachers and the students. If the class is boring, students start losing interest. As a result, the environment to study is interrupted too.

Here are a few steps to keep your class busy and engaging:

1.Interactive activities

For an active class, it is vital for students and teachers to know each other and speak to each other. One way to keep the class engaged is by introducing speaking activities. The activity should be informal so that all students can participate, even those who are not confident about public speaking.

2.Encourage the students to host events

It is not necessary that only a teacher can host events or activities in a class. Students can also do the needful. This step will lead to developing management skills and leadership qualities in students. Students also tend to enjoy the events better, designed according to their interests.

3.Talk about their interests

Another way to keep the class engaged is by talking about the students' interests. The age gap between the teachers and the students often creates distance between them. This can be avoided when the interests of students and teachers are similar. To keep the class engaged, talk about the interests of the students.

An engaged classroom will build a healthy environment for growing and learning. These are some steps that help engage students in activities and thus understand them better. Middle school students are in the phase of transition from childhood to teenage. Addressing their interest shall bring their attention to class.

4.Adopt a fun way of teaching

The most important aspect of the classroom and school is learning. Steps such as understanding the students, keeping the class engaged, and others are taken to develop a friendly environment to learn better. The steps to make learning better is as follows:

5.Connect things to real life

Everything seems more exciting and fun when they are relatable. Students tend to understand and learn better with real-life examples. Try making the lessons more relevant with existing instances and actual life facts. It quickly grabs the attention and urge of students to understand and study.

6.Group projects

Make learning more fun by introducing new ideas of group projects and activities related to studies to make the particular chapter or topic more interesting and understandable. Such projects promote in-depth knowledge, engagement with other classmates, and develop interest.

7.Use of technology or props

Another way to make learning fun is by introducing props or using technology. Use different mediums of explanation such as PowerPoint presentations, informative videos, online quizzes, and much more. The use of such technologies and props makes learning more fun and interesting. It also helps students in grabbing things better.

To undo students' misconception about learning being boring, you can introduce exciting and interactive learning methods.

What to avoid while teaching middle schoolers?

The following are some things to avoid while teaching Middle Schoolers:

  • Do not compare

Never compare one student with the other. This affects students' confidence as they might end up feeling inferior and start questioning their capabilities.

  • Say no to competitions

Competitions might play a crucial role in activating students' competitive spirit, but they might also be the reasons behind rivalry among students. It is advised to avoid competition as far as possible to maintain a healthy relationship between the students.

  • Avoid overstepping

Another vital thing to remember while teaching middle school students is to respect students' personal space. Overstepping their privacy can make them feel uncomfortable.

These are some important things to avoid while teaching Middle Schoolers.


Teaching is a prestigious job; it requires utmost dedication and perseverance to deal with students, especially middle school students. The students are in a transition phase so understanding them is indeed a big task. This article has tried to explain what teachers must focus on to establish a healthy student-teacher relationship and teach middle schoolers better.

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