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Tips to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Student

A recommendation letter by a teacher is one of the tools that can help a student stand out. They can use this letter to get admission to their favorite school or university. When a teacher shares a positive recommendation letter, it notifies the institute that the chosen student is the correct match for them. However, teachers need to learn how to write positive letters for students. Knowing how to write an effective letter will help them in many ways. Let us understand how they can write a good recommendation letter that will help their students stand out from their peers.

What is a recommendation letter?

A recommendation letter is a reference letter that contains information on a student’s character and behavior, academic performance, abilities, skills, and educational qualifications. This letter is usually written by a principal, head of department, or teacher. A recommendation letter is written to prove the abilities of students. Moreover, it also supports the career aspirations of students.

A letter of recommendation becomes more crucial when a student wants to take a course in a foreign country. Moreover, it is also important when students want to start a job in a foreign land.

How do I write a recommendation letter?

The tips to be followed when writing a recommendation letter are:

Draft a customized letter

Try not to follow the same template for every letter. Draft a customized letter for each recommendation. Add specific details about each student. For example, include their relevant skills and qualifications. Try to customize the letter every time for every student.

Review the educational details

When writing a recommendation letter for a college application, ask for the course details and other requirements. Review the academic and extracurricular performance to write a good recommendation letter. Moreover, try to review college application letters and personal essays of students. If writing a letter of job recommendation, review the cover letter and resume. Ask for other details to write a brief recommendation letter.

Look for details of the concerned authorities

Ask students about the name and details of the person to whom the recommendation letter is addressed. Know about their roles and responsibilities and how they are related to the college or job application process. Knowing about the concerned authority will help in drafting a personalized letter. Typically, the letter of recommendation for college admission is addressed to the program director, admission counselor, or the admission office. If writing a recommendation letter for multiple colleges, use a generalized letter of recommendation.

Start with a personal introduction

Start the letter with a positive note and tell the concerned authority about the students’ qualities. Include why the teacher writing the letter is vouching for the students. Including the qualification, experience, and subjects taught by teachers is crucial when writing a letter.

Explain the educational relationship with the student

Discuss the educational relationship with students and how they are good performers in the school or college. Explain their behavior to other students and teachers. Go about how they are hardworking and like to get challenged. Showcase the positive sign of students in the letter.

Provide details of students’ qualifications

The letter of recommendation helps an institute decide if the selected student will be an asset to them. For example, an educational institute demanding a letter of recommendation will want to understand if the shortlisted student is a top-performing candidate. Moreover, they would want to understand the behavior and extracurricular performance of the student. Likewise, a job provider would want to know about the skills and abilities of students. Highlight the positive aspects of students in the recommendation letter.

End the letter with a positive statement

Highlight the good points towards the end of the letter. Inform the company or college about the strengths of the student. Make them understand that the selected student will add value to their organization.

By keeping all these points in mind, teachers can draft a personalized and positive letter of recommendation for students.

What makes a good letter of recommendation?

When writing a good recommendation letter, teachers should focus on the positive aspects of students. They should consider the skills and abilities of students when drafting letters. Also, the letter should promote their character, leadership skills, team-building abilities, and other soft skills. It should show past work and how the experiences of a student will pave a way for their future.

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