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Top 5 Fellowships for Students

Learning and studying a complex topic, unraveling its twisted concepts, and deep-diving into its roots is an exciting activity. It gets even more rewarding when you get paid for it. Fellowship programs can be a fantastic opportunity for these learners to understand ground realities. It also helps them kickstart their professional journey without hasty commitments.

If you are seeking an opportunity to test out an exciting field but never got a fair chance, then you should consider applying to a fellowship. Continue reading to gain a basic understanding of the fellowship program and detailed information on the top five fellowship programs for Indian students.

What is a fellowship?

A fellowship is a financial aid awarded to learners who wish to research a specific subject after successfully attempting the qualifying exam. This program pays a student’s fees and also offers them a stipend. Students can apply to many prestigious fellowships based on their preferred domain of study. In a fellowship, a student can research various disciplines like humanities, social services, finance, astronomy, management, science, etc.

The fellowship program bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge attained at different levels of education and practical application of the knowledge gained. Different governing bodies (state or central), non-profit organizations (NGOs), and private organizations offer the fellowship program.

We have enlisted the detailed information of the top five fellowships available for students provided by the top private companies, NGOs, and government bodies.

Top 5 fellowships for students

  1. Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship – The Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship is for science students who focus on refining scientific research quality in higher educational institutions across the nation.

Eligibility: This fellowship program has detailed eligibility criteria. Students must graduate in B.Tech. M.tech, M.Sc, or five-year undergraduate or dual postgraduate degree programs in Science and Technology streams from IISc, IITs, NITs, IISERSs, IIEST, or centrally funded IIITs with an 8.0 CGPA. Those that have a CGPA less than 8.0 must qualify for GATE with a minimum of 650 marks. For a detailed eligibility criteria list, please refer to the official website of the Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship program.

Duration: The duration is four years for students from integrated engineering courses (B.Tech and M.Tech). For B.Tech students, the duration is five years.

Stipend: In this fellowship program, the stipend will be given in the following succession manner:

For the first two years, the student will receive a stipend amount of INR 70,000 per month.

For the third year, the student will receive a stipend amount of INR 75,000 per month.

For the fourth and fifth years, the student will receive a stipend of INR 80,000 per month.

Apart from the stipend mentioned above, the student will receive a travel and research contingency expense allowance of INR 2,00,000 per year during the entitled tenure of four or five years.

Operated by: The Ministry of Education offers this fellowship under the guidance of top-notch educational institutes such as IITs, IISERs, IISc Bengaluru, and some central universities like BHU, NIT Tiruchirappalli, and JNU.

2. Chief Minister’s Good Governance Associates Program – The Chief Minister’s Good Governance Associates program is a strategic collaboration of the Haryana government and Ashoka University to advance governance in the state and make a mass effect on the ground. It provides rigorous training to eligible fellows in education, health and sanitation, women’s safety, higher education, and e-governance.

Eligibility: Students or working professionals under 28 years of age with any graduate degree or final year students (graduate).

Duration: 12 months (1 year).

Stipend: INR 50,000 per month.

Operated by: The government of Haryana with the integration of Ashoka University.

3. Gandhi Fellowship – The Gandhi Fellowship is an intensive rural residential program helping young people for the last 11 years. It focuses on developing the leadership skills necessary to change society.

Eligibility: Students under 26 years of age with a graduate degree or final year students (graduate).

Duration: 24 months (2 years) residential program.

Stipend: INR 14,000 per month.

Operated by: Piramal School of Leadership (PSL) and Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF).

4. Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament Fellowship – The Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament Fellowship or LAMP Fellowship offers an excellent opportunity for eligible fellows to become an integral part of research work in law and the public policy sector. In this program, the fellows complete their research under a Member of Parliament (MP) guidance.

Eligibility: Students under 26 years of age with a graduate degree. Final year (graduate) students can also apply for this fellowship.

Duration: The students will have to work for 11 months, including from the commencement of the Monsoon session of Parliament to the closing of the budget session of the following year.

Stipend: INR 20,000 per month.

Operated by: PRS Legislative Research, an independent institute for legislative, public policy, and budget research support to Members of Parliament.

5. SBI Youth For India (SBI YFI) – The SBI Youth For India (SBI YFI) fellowship program involves close interaction and engagement with grassroots communities. The fellows will have to work with NGOs in various rural developmental and educational projects in this fellowship program.

Eligibility: Students between 21 to 32 years of age with a graduate degree can apply for this fellowship.

Duration: 13 months.

Stipend: Each month, the student will receive a stipend of INR 15,000 for 13 months. After completing the fellowship program, the student will receive a readjustment allowance of INR 50,000.

Operated by: State Bank of India

Wrapping Up

Because of their generous stipends, the above-mentioned fellowship programs have limited seats and very specific eligibility criteria that ensure only the best candidates are selected. They are the perfect learning opportunity for students who wish to attain academic excellence.

Kickstart your prep for the preferred fellowship entrance exam from the list of top five available fellowship programs.

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