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Transport Management - All You Need to Know

A quality education includes both qualified teaching staff and excellent facilities. Services such as transportation are becoming increasingly vital in today’s world. The time when parents sought schools near to where they lived has long since passed. The majority of schools provide a pick-up and drop-off service using their fleet of school and college buses. These buses pick up the school employees, teaching and non-teaching staff, and kids. Student safety and staff safety are the prime focus. Strategic planning, execution, and monitoring have been made possible by technology, which guarantees better safety.

Fewer accidents have been reported in educational institutions that use bus tracking and management software. This makes it essential that educational institutions like schools and even universities choose a strategy for managing transportation while giving prime importance to protecting students. It boosts parents' trust in the mechanisms at the school. It is done with the help of a Transport Management System.

What is a Transport Management System?

A transport management system aids is an automated program school administrators can use to simply and effectively manage their whole bus fleet using digital tools. The majority of manual interventions are eliminated, and the school administration receives rapid feedback on a variety of parameters. Normal manual administrative procedures would have required days, if not weeks, to complete these reports.

The best transport management system is one where the transport management system is coupled with the school ERP. Teachmint offers one of the best transport management software solutions in the market because of the nature of the Integrated School Platform that it is embedded with. The school transport software stores data such as vehicle numbers and the driver assigned to the vehicle. The transport fee can be seen separately with respect to the rest of the school fees, which enables the school management to simply update bus fees and inform all parents about it. The administration office of the institution operates more effectively when payment history and payment dues notifications are available.

Benefits of Transport Management System

The benefits of the Teachmint’s Transport Management System are two-fold. First let us discuss how the Transport Management System benefits schools & school administration:

Single Platform for Transport Management

The Integrated School Platform by Teachmint enables the incorporation of all the vital information required to make the process of transport management simple and efficient. With a transport management system in place, it is quite easy to manage all the various aspects of it from a single platform.

Automatic Distance Calculation

Once the school location has been fixed, every stop that the transport management system marks out will be based on the relative geolocation. Because of the geolocation based stops, the system is able to calculate the distance of the stop from the school accurately. This is an extremely important time-saving feature of the transport management system.

Smart Routing of Buses

The transport management system takes into account the information provided to it like the stops of each student, the start and end points, etc. and creates a route automatically that satisfies all the necessary requirements. This also saves the school a lot of time and effort.

Virtually No Paperwork

Since all the tracking, computation, record-keeping, and all the other associated activities are done digitally, there is practically no actual physical paperwork involved when it comes to transport management using a transport management system. This not only reduces clutter but also reduces the chances of mistakes that might occur due to human error.

Dedicate Staff for Specific Purposes

The staff responsible for each and every school bus is determined and stored in the transport management software. This gives every member of staff a sense of duty and responsibility not only to the school but also to the students because they will directly be held accountable for any misgivings along the way. It also allows the admins to choose one specific admin to be made Transport Manager if required. This adds an extra locus of control to the chain of command and ensures better cooperation among the staff.

Live Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking is an additional feature of a transport management system. Teachmint allows school administrators to pinpoint the whereabouts of a school bus. Additionally, parents will receive information on the position and travel route of their children's school bus.

It enables parents and school administrators to act quickly if an unfortunate event occurs or there is an emergency. An SOS can be sent in case of any problem. Parents are informed of any bus or route changes, enabling them to be at the designated place to pick up their children promptly. With the help of this specific feature, schools can build and maintain trusting relationships with parents.

When it comes to parents, the advantages are as follows:

Enables Scheduling

The school transportation management system enables each student to have a specified pick-up and drop-off time. The program also sends alerts to parents at these times so they can pick up their children on time. The timetables of all school buses may be scheduled and changed by school administrators with only a few clicks. It increases process transparency and enables schools to maintain a set timetable for both students and teachers.

Ensures Student Safety

The bus drivers, conductors, and parents of students who ride the bus can all communicate with the school and one another easily thanks to the Integrated school platform of Teachmint. This makes sure that the school bus is always connected to all other stakeholders.

Keep track of pupils at all times when the bus is in motion by using this module in conjunction with the bus driver's transportation app.

When a student boards the bus, the bus driver or conductor can \note whether or not the student is present. If the driver discovers the kid to be absent, they can notify the student's parents and the school administration of the absence.

If the school bus is delayed or caught in traffic, the conductor can inform the school of the issue and receive timely assistance from the school to guarantee student safety on the road.

Contact Staff Concerned if Required

If there is an emergency, or if any information has to be relayed to the staff, it can be done so by the parents directly. This makes sure that the staff are instantly informed about the child’s whereabouts and everything is accounted for.


The transportation system is highly significant and essential. The school's transportation system is an essential component. Therefore, in the current environment, when children are not safe at all, providing merely transportation services is not adequate to ensure their safety and security. To create a truly secure network for the children, school authorities must maintain a close eye on the actions of their transportation and use powerful tools to assist them.

The location where the kid was picked up and left off must be under the supervision of the parents and the authorities exclusively; no other party should be allowed to access or look without their consent. Schools must select a top-notch transport management system that can oversee the complete transport system if they want to make all of this happen efficiently and effectively.Visit the website of Teachmint to read more informative blogs and do not forget to explore our products and services.

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