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Tips to Prepare for UPTET

It is said that the influence of teachers extends beyond the classrooms well into the future. Since teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the future generation, it is important to ensure that they are well-qualified. Different exams are set up to ensure the same. The UPTET exam is one such exam for teachers. As per the UPTET latest news, the UPTET exam, which is a state-level exam that was supposed to be conducted on 25th July 2021 is to be held very soon in 2021, as it got postponed due to health emergencies all over the country. This exam provides an opportunity for the candidates to earn up to rupees 6,00,000(approximately six lakh) per annum. The UPTET exam is considered to be the best exam for candidates willing to develop their careers as a teacher.


UPTET stands for Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test, the exam is conducted by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in order to meet the requirement of teachers in various schools under the Uttar Pradesh legislature. These schools usually need teachers to teach the students of primary sections(classes 1-5) and the students of the elementary sections(6-8). The UPTET exam is conducted once a year by the Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board (UPBEB) in two stages.

Paper 1- For the candidates who aspire to teach the students from class first to fifth are supposed to appear only for paper 1.

Paper 2- For the candidates who aspire to teach the students from class six to eight are supposed to appear for paper 2.

And the candidates willing to teach all the classes starting from first to eight are suggested to appear for both paper one and paper two.

What is the exam pattern for UPTET?

It is a multiple-choice-based question paper that includes 150 questions and the weightage for each question is 1 mark, the candidates need not worry about the negative marking pattern as the UPTET exam has no negative marking. The candidates need to answer the 150 questions in 180 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes). The exam syllabus includes subjects like Child Development and Teaching Methodology, Language 1 and 2, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Science, Social Studies, etc.

NOTE: As per UPTET's latest news, the candidates who qualify for the UPTET exam will be awarded the UPTET eligibility certificate with lifetime validity!


STUDY AT A GLANCE- It is almost impossible for the candidates to revise the complete syllabus in much less time, it would not be a smart move too, we do not suggest the candidates prepare their topics in detail at the last moment. The candidates can choose a smarter way to complete their syllabus, they can take the help of various books and internet videos available out there. They should choose the study material that provides them with the convenience of understanding the whole topic without investing much time. For example- Rather than reading about the plant and animal kingdom from the NCERT, the candidates can watch short videos on the topic. The videos will explain the topic well, within less than an hour, whereas the book can take up to two days to finish the topic. Hence, work hard as well as smart.

PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPERS- Solving the previous year's question papers is one of the oldest methods of acing at any exam and hence it is known as the 'greatest mantra' to crack any exam be it CAT, NEET or UPTET. Observing the previous year's question paper well can give you an idea of the paper pattern well, you will easily be able to differentiate between the most important and less important topics from a subject. You can improve your speed and strategy accordingly.

APPEARING FOR MOCK TESTS- Mock tests are the practice papers that are solely based on the most advanced exam pattern and syllabus keeping in mind a particular examination, they are prepared to help the candidates appearing for that paper in having a better understanding of the paper. The candidates can set timers while giving the mocks and track their performance. They can quickly review their knowledge as well as speed, the two most important things while giving an exam. Appearing for mocks is the best way to prepare best for any exam.

GUIDELINES FOR THE EXAM DAY- Being on time is the first thing you need to do on exam day, carrying all the essentials like a pen, admit card, water bottle, etc. is the second. The UPTET exam has no negative marking, hence, attempt all the questions without any fear. Remember to keep track of time, and wear a watch. Do not panic in case you forget the answer to a question, instead attempt the next one. Take a good nap the night before the exam in order to avoid snoozing during the exam. Also, remember to eat something light before the exam and keep yourself hydrated (not over-hydrated, not under-hydrated, maintain a balance).

We wish you all the best!

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