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What Are the Functionality of Education Erp Software?

What are the Functionalities of School ERP Software?

Education ERP software is a web-based or cloud-based software system that helps educational institutions run their daily process more efficiently. It streamlines numerous operations and procedures by digitizing and automating them on a single platform making it simpler for schools to handle data and resources. In this given article an outline about ERP software and what is function of ERP will be outlined.

Through the use of the software it becomes possible to increase the efficiency of the school as it provides better support to the Administration Department. The implementation of the education ERP software ensures that each department is able to save time and money by managing several activities simultaneously in a seamless manner. It is the reason why ERP for schools have become a necessity in the current education market. However, it is important for school administrators to understand what is function of ERP, so that they can better implement it.

Who Uses School ERP?

Administrators are the primary benificiaries of school erp systems. They play an important role in managing a school and juggling multiple responsibilities. The functional area of erp is in charge of the entire operation of the school, from fee collection and management to inventory management. The introduction of ERP software can ease things up really well.

The ERP for school software enables the administrators to be able to streamline all the processes performed within the school and enhance the entire efficiency of both allocation and operation of the academic resources.

Since a school ERP is designed for schools, it will have the functionality associated with just that. Admins can use it to manage every aspect of the school. 

Another important functional area of ERP  which needs to be addressed is the fact that it can be utilized to meet internal targets easily. At the same time it will also ensure that the quality of data is not disrupted leading to better productivity in the performance of functions. To understand how effective ERP is, it is first important to outline what is function of ERP.

To better understand what is function of ERP, here are some of the tasks that are made easier with a school ERP. 

Easier Fee Management 

The school ERP software helps admins digitize and automate all the different aspects of fee management. It helps administrators collect fees as per the capacity of the students, provides the option to offer discounts to deserving students, keeps track of the students whose fees is pending, etc. This tracking system ensures that the school has complete knowledge about all their dues. It makes the entire finance department of the school much more transparent and automated. Hence, this is an important functional area of erp. Teachmint’s fee management software even helps admins automate the process of sending fee reminder notifications before the due date through its Fee Management Software.

Organized Admission Management

Admissions are a vital part of school operations and making the process simpler and error-free is essential for the smooth functioning of the school. Teachmint allows schools to track the status of each and every application that is being received. The admins can track a student’s application status from the time they apply, follow up with them, and finally reject or accept them according to their choice through the same platform. Hence, this is an essential functional area of erp. Teachmint’s Admission management system takes care of all aspects related to the admissions process starting from lead generation to final conversion. 

Simpler Attendance Management

Recording attendance is important for students and staff alike since it determines the engagement and learning that takes place in the classroom. Teachmint makes student attendance tracking easy with its Attendance Management System, and in the case of the teachers, there is a dedicated HRMS (Human Resource Management System) portal that makes tracking staff attendance easier.

Efficient Facility Management

The facilities offered by the school include library, laboratory access, computer room, etc. These are quite important, not only for the students studying there but also for the reputation of the school as a whole. Therefore, schools must have a flawless automated centralized system from where they can access all the facilities digitally. For example, Teachmint’s Inventory Management System allows schools to keep track of all the items that the school has in its possession - everything from fans and lightbulbs to how many test tubes are available for use in each laboratory. Similarly, the Teachmint’s library management system allows for management of the library, the hostel management system allows for the assigning of wardens & allotting rooms to students, and the transport management system takes care of all things related to the transportation of students from home to school and back. 

Processing, Segregation, and Usage of Student Data

All the students’ information must be stored in one place so that admins are able to access it easily. Teachmint achieves this through its student information system. There are several advantages of having such a system. 

Helps in Classroom Management

Determining the layout of a class at the beginning of the semester or school year is important. This includes the splitting of students of the same class into separate divisions and assigning class teachers for each of them, all of which need to be done by the administration. Taking attendance is also made easy for the teachers as they can use the attendance management system.

Precise Exam Management

Exams are a vital part of a school, and Teachmint gives great priority to exam creation and management. Teachers can create tests in a few seconds with Teachmint. They can do so by making using of the school LMS (learning management system). Admins can use the school yearly calendar to plan the entire session. Finally, once that is done, notifications will be sent to the students and parents through the Communication Module so that they can keep track of what is taking place at school. 

Human Resource Management

An additional essential feature of ERP software for education is human resource management. Teachmint makes it easier for schools to effectively and efficiently manage their staff attendance and leaves. Teachers can record their attendance using biometric and geofencing. 

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Reasons why ERP will contribute towards better Productivity

It is evident from the above analysis that implementation of ERP  software has a lot of merits associated with it. not only will it contribute towards integrating the various functions associated with education business into a single system. But at the same time will also contribute towards helping streamlined the information and processes present to provide the better picture.

A central feature associated with the use of this software is that it facilitates the use of a single shed database which contributes towards supporting multiple functions that are associated with any business. This means that both teachers and administrators have the freedom to access the same information at a much faster rate because the entire process is being conducted in real time. This functional area of ERP contributes towards ensuring that informed decisions can be made by having completed information in hand.

In the subsequent section a few reasons will be highlighted that showcase how the use of ERP can contribute towards improving both productivity and efficiency for the education sector..

1. Better Standardization

Through the use of this software it will become possible to standardize existing processes and methods across the entire education operations. As a result it is evident to see that there is a significant operational efficiency that is delivered by ERP that contributes towards reducing the dependability on any particular department or individual when it comes to getting a work done.

At the same time, the institute ERP also contributes towards maintaining consistency within the company and creates a positive impact on the confidence of the teachers as they have access to all the resources they require to manage every day classes. At the same time, it will also ensure the proper division of these resources amongst the students from different classes and courses easily.

2. Having access to information in real-time

At a time when it is important for school administrators to make quick decisions, waiting for a long period of time to get access to management information and data is considered to be not feasible. Through the use of the ERP software it becomes possible for administrators to have access to real time information easily.

This contributes towards improving the decision making process as most operations can easily be made based on the data and evidence that they receive in real time.In this case, the functional area of ERP is that it can provide data visualizations directly on the dashboard and provide better clarity and inside on the current performance of the students and also the school as a whole.

3. Data Storage in a secure Environment

In the current era of digitalisation, data safety has become an important consideration that needs to be maintained by every business organization, be it companies in the education sector or otherwise. The major reason why it is possible to maintain productivity through implementation of ERP software is because of its ability to store critical information about the students, teachers and every staff member in a secure but usable mode.

The software also is responsible for contributing towards management of the several departments within the school and ensuring that the information is accessible only through secure channels. In this way it becomes possible for education businesses to not only have accurate data at hand during the decision making process but also keep it protected from external attacks easily.

4. The reduction of Redundancy and Errors

It is important to understand that most school and college Institutions are required to manage multiple functions which often increases the chance of causing errors. This possibility increases when the institutions have multiple systems present that are almost performing the same functions. In such a situation there is a huge chance of the data being entered multiple times across various departments leading to the development of redundancy.

In such situations, the functional areas of ERP contribute towards eliminating these kinds of errors and improving the accuracy of the entire system.This is possible because the software leads to the development of a centralized location where all major business activities are performed and information is processed. 

5. Better Automation

An important reason why it is possible for education institutes to be able to improve productivity through the implementation of ERP software is because of its automation. The given software has the ability to easily automate everyday repetitive actions ensuring the easy removal of errors. 

When these same tasks are conducted manually, there is a high chance for errors to be repeated which makes it difficult to maintain efficiency across the systems. However, the implementation of ERP software contributes towards easily managing these time consuming processes across all departments for the education sector.

On closer inspection, when making a decision regarding whether to implement the ERP software in your education institute, it is important to consider these options. At the same time,  it is also important to understand that not all ERP systems are the same or do they boast the same function.

It is important for the buyers to consider the types of functions which will contribute towards greater automation to the educational institutes operations before making the purchase. It is only when the ERP software can meet all the requisites of the institution will it be able to become more efficient and productive.


This article has provided clarity regarding what is function of ERP and why it is important. Education ERP software is a well-rounded solution that helps schools improve their operations and change the entire educational experience for staff, teachers, and students. Here, at Teachmint, our company is dedicated towards providing its consumers with the best ERP solutions. The best part about it is that we understand the different types of needs that are present for each education sector and as a result customize the software to meet those requirements. At the same time, we are also committed towards providing not only quality software to our consumers but also provide them with the best rates in the market.

Teachmint is your perfect school-oriented solution to automation and digitization because along with having a well-defined ERP module, we also have a dedicated school LMS as well as a digital content platform, collectively known as an Integrated School Platform. Visit our website to learn more about the product. Each of our software understands the specific needs that education sectors may have and have been committed towards providing them with the exact requirement. We understand the importance of having a strong software backup considering the advantage that it provides to the Institution and also its students.

If you would like to discuss more about how the ERP software of Teachmint can contribute towards helping you grow in the education sector, please get in touch with us.

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