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Who Can Handle ERP Software in Schools?

What is a School ERP?

A School ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a comprehensive software solution that helps manage and streamline various school activities such as fee management, admission management, and so on. In recent years, the adoption of school ERP software has grown rapidly due to the increasing demands of modern education and the need for better management of educational institutions.

It would not be possible to overstate the significance of school ERP software in educational institutions. It helps schools to simplify various tasks and processes, reducing manual labor and enabling staff to focus on more important activities. In this article, we will discuss the various roles and responsibilities of those who can handle school ERP software in schools.

Through the correct usage of ERP for School, both the administrators and teachers will be provided with a lot of advantages that will contribute towards reducing their workload.

School Administrators

Administrators play quite an important role in managing a school and the introduction of software can ease things up really well. They are in charge of the entire operation of the school, from fee collection to inventory management of the school. 

Since a school ERP is designed specifically for the purpose of a school, it will have the functionality to help in the better management of schools. School admins receive multiple advantages from the school ERP. They use it to manage every aspect of the school. Here are some of the tasks that school ERP makes easier for the admins:

Fee Management 

The school ERP software helps admins digitize and automate all the different aspects of fee management. Teachmint helps administrators collect fees according to the different students’ capabilities, allows them discounts as required, keeps a record of all the students whose fees are due, and automates the delivery of notifications to parents before the due date through its Fee Management Software.

Admission Management

Admissions are a huge part of a school’s operations and making the process of admission simpler makes the entire administration process less tedious. From setting up of a dedicated admission portal, automated tracking of student admissions, and final enrollment of selected students to the school, Teachmint’s Admission management system is well-equipped to make the processes more streamlined.

Attendance Management

Taking attendance is important for both students and teachers as their presence determines the engagement and learning that takes place in the classroom. Teachmint makes student attendance tracking easy with its Attendance Management System, and in the case of the teachers, there is a dedicated HRMS (Human resource management system) portal that makes tracking teachers’ attendance and leaves easier.

Facility Management

The facilities offered by a school are quite important, not only for the students studying there but also for the reputation of the school. This means that the administration should make sure that the school’s facilities are always available to the students and that there are no mishaps in their management. Teachmint helps schools in this regard by providing them with a dedicated library management system, inventory management system, transport management system, and hostel management system

Student Information Management & Its Uses

All the students’ information should be stored in one place for easy access, which is achieved through the student information system. Having such a system comes with several advantages. Teachers do not need to maintain separate records to collect and store student information. The SIS platform helps them manage the student directories seamlessly.


The school ERP helps teachers in better classroom management. Let us see how:

Generate Report Cards with Ease

The report card is one of the most important documents of a student’s life. It contains all the information of a student in terms of academic progress as well as extracurricular activity prowess. It is a document signifying the progress of a student through their school life. It is therefore very important to make sure that the report card is generated without mistakes and with all the information as accurate as possible. Teachmint’s Report Card Generator is precisely the tool for the job as it helps teachers generate customized report cards.

Helps in Classroom Management

Setting up the classroom is the job of the school administration. This includes the splitting of coevals into separate divisions such as A, B, C, etc., and assigning class teachers for the same. However, the management of the classroom itself such as taking attendance and assessing student performance is done by the teachers. Teachmint is the perfect tool for such a task because it allows the administrators to set up the classrooms and also allows teachers to monitor student performance with the help of automated student performance report generation.

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Exam Management 

Exams are a vital part of a school, and it helps evaluate students on a very nuanced level. In this case, both the teachers and the administrators have a role to play. The administrators are responsible for scheduling the exams according to the school yearly calendar and the teacher is responsible for creating and evaluating the tests. The teacher can use the school LMS to make the creation and evaluation of tests as well, making all the processes automated and reducing errors significantly. 

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While the involvement of parents in students’ education cannot be stated enough, they do not have much role with respect to the school ERP itself. With that said, the parents do have to monitor the student’s progress, and for that, they must be aware of the student’s whereabouts. This can be monitored with the student tracking system and if that isn't enough, they get regular updates from the school through the communication module regarding what is happening at the school and classroom levels.

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The parent and student logins are basically the same so that the students and parents are on the same page regarding what the child is up to at school. This ensures transparency and keeps everyone updated. Students can track their performance, prepare better for exams, and remain updated on school events with the help of a school ERP. 

Why Use Teachmint’s School ERP?

Requires Little to No Technical Knowledge

The administrators and teachers that use Teachmint’s school ERP need only a little bit of training if at all, to get the school up and running with full functionality. With dedicated customer support, Teachmint helps its stakeholders use the ERP system without facing any inconvenience. 

All the Resources on a Single Platform

One of the biggest advantages of the ERP system from Teachmint is that it is not a standalone product. Teachmint is an integrated school platform that combines the functionality of the school ERP with a school LMS and digital content platform to give the school a well-rounded product for ease of operation and management. 

Availability & Accessibility

The school ERP system is one of the most versatile platforms for school management. Administrators & teachers have the right amount of access to the ERP thanks to the Roles and Permissions feature, while students and parents have access to Teachmint in their own right through their respective logins.

Essential Areas that needs to be improved by Schools when implementing ERP Software

One of the most important questions that always arises is regarding who can manage ERP or what kind of skills are important to master to manage ERP software easily. The presence of specific skills will make it easier to manage everyday activities and improve the efficiency of the work process. Thus, knowledge about who can manage erp needs to be present with school institutions.

Mostly, there is very little clarity present regarding what kind of skills are necessary by the administrators and teachers to maintain ERP systems and manage them regularly. The lack of knowledge about specific skills will also make it difficult for the teachers and administrators to make the best use of the features provided. Teachmint provides an integrated solution that will make it easier for schools to understand who can manage erp best to make it effective.

The presence of certain skills will make it possible to improve the effectiveness of the work being conducted and also reduce any and every kind of error. it will lead to better communication, time management and also develop a sense of teamwork within the institute. Each of these aspects will have a positive impact on the growth of the school and its students.

In this given section, an effort has been made to provide clarity about who can manage erp by outlining the major skills that need to be developed by teachers and administrators to make the best use of the ERP software.

1. Technical Skills

One of the first aspects to learn who can manage erp better, is important for schools and colleges to have individuals so have complete technical knowledge present regarding how to manage software like ERP and LMS. This is because it is essential to have administrators who can understand the basic functions of ERP and can easily utilize it to meet their everyday requirements.

Based on the technical knowledge it will become possible for administrators to be easily able to identify if the system is not working properly. it will also provide them with the opportunity to inform the other employees about what kind of functions to perform and the best strategy to perform it. In this way the overall productivity of the institution will increase.

2. Better Communication

One of the most important skills that needs to be mastered by administrators and teachers both is that of good communication, when it comes to identifying who can manage erp better. This is because when it comes to the implementation of the ERP software or any upgrade to the existing ERP the presence of good communication skills becomes essential both in spoken and written form.

In case of ERP for schools this is important because it will ensure that any type of miscommunication is avoided leading to better management.The presence of strong communication will make it easier for the Teachers to discuss assignments with the students in a very constructive process and make the entire method smooth. Communication will also increase the institute erp functions.

3. Problem Solving Ability

Another essential skill that needs to be present amongst the administrators and teachers is their ability to solve problems in difficult situations. There may always be scenario's where problems may arise for administrators as they have to manage multiple activities simultaneously everyday.It is in these situations that the administrators will need to consider how to take important decisions.

All kinds of information about the students and other factors are easily available on the ERP software. As a result the teachers and administrators can easily collect this information and analyze it to find the best solution to the problem. At the same time, they should also have knowledge about how to use the functions given in ERP software to conduct analysis of the information present. In this way it will become easier to make quick decisions.

4.  Ability to Teach

One of the most important skills that needs to be mastered by the teachers when using ERP software is having the ability to teach the students by using different technology and methods available on the ERP software. This is considered to be extremely important because only when teachers have knowledge on how to use the ERP software to improve the learning experience of the students in the classroom can the productivity of the students and their performance be increased.

5. Resourcefulness

Another important skill that needs to be present among the administrators as well as teachers is that of resourcefulness. This is because teachers should have the ability to think out of the box when it comes to implementing different kinds of teaching methods.

This will include implementing the use of videos and audios in the classroom research plan. At the same time, the teachers will also need to have clarity on what kind of assignments plans will make it interesting for the students to attend classroom studies. When it comes to Erp for school the presence of resourceful skills will have a lot of advantages for the Teachers as it will be possible to make the entire learning interesting. 

Through the use of these skills it will become easier for the administrators as well as the teachers to better manage the ERP software. When it comes to ERP for schools it is important for teachers to have the ability to solve problems easily. This is because they are required to manage multiple classes, each having their own requirements.

Having the perfect knowledge on how to manage these classes everyday can be easily done through the use of the ERP software. Through the presence of problem solving ability of the teachers, They can easily take into consideration the performance of the students and develop a learning plan that will help in improving the overall productivity of the students.

The ERP software already will have all the information stored regarding the areas the students are suffering, and through the use of a strong lesson plan the teachers can solve the problem of how to improve the efficiency of the students. At this point the skill of resourcefulness will also have an advantage for the Teachers because it will provide them with creative ideas regarding how to implement video learning and audio learning to improve the overall classroom learning process of the students and make it more engaging and interactive.


The efficient use of school ERP software is critical to the smooth operation of educational institutions. Schools can ensure that all administrative tasks are streamlined, data is well managed and analyzed, and decisions are made based on accurate information. This will ultimately result in better outcomes for students, teachers, and the school as a whole.

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