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What is Adaptive Learning?


Like every other sector, technology is transforming every facet of the education sector.  Educators are shifting toward a more all-encompassing strategy where they place more emphasis on preparing children for success in life as opposed to just academic performance. Conventional teaching methodologies were focused on rote learning methodologies and they failed to have a long-lasting impact on students. The purpose of education has to be the holistic development of students and adaptive learning is emphasizing just that.

What is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive learning, also called adaptive teaching uses computer algorithms to analyze the competence of each student in order to tailor effective teaching methodologies to cater to the learning requirements of students. Adaptive learning rejects the traditional one-size-fits-for-all approach as it focuses on the growth of each and every student in a class. It facilitates the process of learning for every student.

Importance of Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is the need of the hour. In order to keep up with the ever-growing world, every individual has to upscale their capabilities. This will help them to be ahead and be successful in their area of interest. As teachers get detailed data about their students, they can strategize their teaching styles accordingly. It is easier for them to tailor their pedagogical approaches in a way that is comfortable and effective for every student.

Students get proper feedback from their teachers in order to improve their performance in their academics. They are encouraged to perform better and reach top positions. This helps them to advance in exams and also in the process of knowledge acquisition. Adaptive learning also focuses on the collective development of all the students in a classroom. Through adaptive teaching, educators will be able to give individual attention to their students. This will help students to understand their weaknesses and to work on them.

In a way, it also helps teachers to assist their students to upgrade their skills. They can also take remedial classes to make the weak students be on the same page as the other students in the class. Only then the class will be successful as a single unit.

When teachers realize their scope for improvement in the teaching strategies they would curate better strategies to make learning more engaging and fun. This would ignite an interest in learning and they start exploring different aspects of the subject. Teachers would help learning identify their learning styles also, in this way they can play their learning in a better way.

Ways to Implement Adaptive Learning

Learning Management System

A learning management system is an effective way to implement adaptive learning. Learning management systems provide detailed information about the students’ performance with the help of assessments. Teachmint’s learning management systems provide teachers with the provision to set up assessment questions and to conduct assessments in an effective manner. To explain it further, once a student attends an assessment, after the completion of the assessment the teachers will get detailed information about the student’s performance. They will be able to understand what and why their performance is not great or why they have performed. This gives teachers an insight into the overall performance of the students. This helps teachers to frame their teaching strategies in the most effective way.

Monitor Students

Teachers can keep track of their students to understand why a student is falling behind. With continuous monitoring, they will be able to find the fundamental reason for a student’s failure. It will enable them to come up with strategies that help that student to overcome their shortcoming and be productive and successful. In most cases, students fail because they are not able to understand why they are able to comprehend the concepts or maybe because teachers are failing to deliver the concepts thoroughly. Hence, this method of teaching will be an eye-opener to teachers, as they will be able to understand the flaws in their teaching methodologies.

Student-Teacher Ratio

Student-teacher ratio can be decreased in order to ensure that each student receives individual attention in the class. When the number of students is less, it makes it easier for the teacher to monitor each student’s learning style and progress. However, with the advancement in technology, it has become easier for teachers to evaluate each student, as mentioned earlier. They can use various platforms like Teachmint to get an overview of the students’ competence and teaching plans accordingly.


When used diligently and carefully, adaptive learning technology increases a teacher's ability to enhance learning outcomes for each and every student. With the information they receive, teachers can simply modify lesson plans at the individual or class level to suit the needs of all students. Since it is a technology-enabled learning methodology, the efficacy of the learning process for students.

Teachmint is one of the leading education infrastructure providers in the country. With our advanced learning management system, you can improve the teaching-learning experience. Our offerings like education erp, admission management system, fee management system, and others conveniently digitize educational institutions.

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