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What is the Importance of Communication Skills in Academics?

Communication skills are vital in all levels of education. Students who have not developed proper communication skills run the risk of falling behind their peers or being emotionally overwhelmed in the classroom. Today we will be discussing some of the common questions related to communication skills and how to tackle them.

What is The Importance of Communication Skills in the First Place?

Before talking about the importance of communication in academics, let's first discuss why communication skills are important everywhere. Communication skills are important for the simple reason that there is no guesswork required in the interpretation of a message sent by a person. Effective communication helps in building and maintaining relationships by building trust, strengthening bonds, and reducing conflict. So as you can see, communication skills are vital in everyday life.

What is The Importance of Communication Skills in Academics?

Two of the most important skill sets that a person requires in academics are oral and written communication skills. Without either of these, students would find it very difficult to communicate among themselves as well as what they have learned in the examinations. Difficulty with oral language communication can have a much more prominent negative impact on a student's life than difficulties with written communication skills. Problems such as stuttering or speech impediments can have a deep psychological impact on the way they perceive themselves and it can, in turn, lead to low grades and diminished self-esteem.

Having a good grip of language is also vital in communication in the academic sphere. Even though English is not exactly required in most social situations in India, it is especially necessary for academics because the majority of the academic work published so far is in English. You do not have to be a maverick in the English language but you do need to have a basic understanding of how to speak and write intelligibly.

Another thing that people often avoid talking about in academic circles is the exchange of ideas they do not agree with. Effective communication skills help people put across their ideas more effectively and hence conduct intellectual debates in a much more civilized fashion.

Other Things Communication Skills Can Help Students With

‘What is the importance of communication skills’ is not a question that people ask often in today’s world where technology is galloping forward at breakneck speeds. However, how it is useful in the realm of academics is something that people can’t quite wrap their heads around. As we have discussed above, it holds much more significance than what is seen on the surface.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing your time in improving communication skills.

Better Student-Teacher Relationship

To better learn from teachers, students need to ask questions and discuss their subjective and objective doubts. However, Most students do not ask questions because of fear, hesitation, and low self-esteem. Communication skills help them by a long shot in listening, understanding the point of view of teachers in the class, and asking them questions with confidence which will help them gain more knowledge.

Key Element in Career Development

The clarity in communication regarding the skills, knowledge, and vocabulary in words while communicating with interviewers helps students get a job after the completion of their degree. Effective communication can go as far as to alter their personality altogether. As psychologist and author Jordan Peterson put it, “There is nothing more powerful than articulate speech.”

Cultivating Professionalism

Students today might become doctors who will need to communicate effectively with their patients. They might grow up to be engineers who will have to relay instructions to their technical staff. They might become lawyers who will have to use law and language to put their points across. India needs good business, political, and social leaders today more than ever.


Today’s youth is tomorrow’s hope, and without communicating effectively with people, and not listening to the problems people face does not help them get votes, customers, and the support of people. They need to be taught to listen as a fundamental duty, they have to be patient, manage anger, and do lots of other things that all involve having a firm root in articulate speech.

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