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Why A Career in Liberal Arts can be Fruitful


Getting a degree in the Liberal Arts means that you will learn about a plethora of subjects spread across different fields that are crucial for an individual to develop logical reasoning and critical thinking’ Liberal arts can help a person understand issues vital for the advancement of human societies and the world in general and solve several social, economic,  environmental, political and issues and problems.

Liberal arts is understood to be a continuance of Ancient Greek methods for exploring inquiry which was started with a desire to understand a universal understanding. Liberal arts is further divided into more and more complex areas of study & disciplines. The scope for liberal arts is therefore quite expansive and broad. It comprises multiple academic disciplines:

  • Humanities: This is what usually comes to mind when the term liberal arts comes up. Humanities include art, ethics, classical languages, modern foreign languages, music, linguistics, literature, philosophy, religion, speech, and theatre.
  • Social Sciences: This includes subjects such as history, anthropology, political science, psychology, law, sociology, business informatics, gender studies, economics, and geography
  • Natural sciences: Yes, liberal arts also includes the sciences such as astronomy, archaeology, physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences, geography, zoology, botany, etc

Why Pursue a Career in Liberal Arts?

A Liberal Arts degree offers several career options that can set you on your way to being a well-rounded individual with effective communication skills equipped with excellent problem-solving skills. The traits mentioned above are personality traits employers look for in candidates while hiring, which further improve your chances of landing your dream job.

Here are a few reasons why it can be quite the advantage for you to pursue liberal arts for your career:

Interdisciplinary Approach

An education in liberal arts means that you will be exposed to multiple areas of study. There is a broad range of subjects that trains the students to get a better perspective regarding the career path they choose. Teachers who have studied liberal arts can also be relied on to understand concepts better and help their students better. Students with the above-mentioned abilities can be of greater value to employers as well.

Creative and Critical Thinking Skill Enhancement

With subjects ranging from social sciences to humanities and natural sciences to formal sciences, the people who are involved in liberal arts can get a wider perspective towards society and get a wider world view before their specialized subjects can be finalized. This helps them to be more pragmatic and open-minded in their critical and creative thinking abilities and hence helps them exceed their expectations.

Wide Variety

Liberal Arts education offers you the unique freedom to build on your interests in areas you want to excel at. Students get to decide on one, two, or even three majors as a means of developing specialized knowledge of something they are particularly interested in in addition to the minors. The students also get to choose from several options in many interdisciplinary majors and minors.

An Insight Into Social Responsibility

Unlike the common undergraduate and graduate programs that focus solely on the specialized subjects, teachers, and students of liberal arts volunteer for and create emphasis on civic and social responsibility. It also helps students engage socially and get a clear idea of the diverse cultures and class differences in a particular place or country and come up with creative innovative ways to solve problems and challenges of society.


Liberal arts can be quite fruitful if you are looking to go into a field that is ever-expanding, acquire multi-disciplinary education across subjects, and critically analyze society and the things that happen around you to come up with solutions for them. Liberal art scholars are instrumental in policy-making and are crucial in coming up with social engineering techniques as means of advancing society and the human race in general.

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