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Winning Hearts With The Help Of Teachmint!

Students- Suraj sir please help us with the JPSC prelims exam preparation. Your guidance will mean a lot to us.
Suraj Sir- I would be glad to help you all in any way possible, but how will I manage my work and teach you all?
Students- You can teach us online, it would be convenient for all of us as well as you. You can teach us once you come back from the office. Online education is flexible and time-saving.

This is how the journey of Suraj sir as an online teacher began. Suraj Chakrapani is an online teacher as well as an IT professional. He hails from the heart of Jharkhand, Bokaro. Suraj sir is an extremely talented, multitasking and passionate personality who loves to teach and explore his artistic side often. After successfully completing senior secondary from Delhi Public School, he went to Techno India University, Bokaro for Graduation. Due to his inclination and love towards subjects like History, Geography, etc. he appeared for the JPSC examination and cracked it in the first attempt. Today he is helping many students by taking them closer to their dreams

After his students requested him to take online classes, Suraj sir started exploring different platforms. He installed many applications and deleted them as he did not like their user interface, features, etc. He came across Teachmint and instantly decided to try the app. He installed Teachmint and here is what he has to say about his teaching experience on Teachmint-

“When I began teaching on Teachmint, things started becoming better. Online teaching was not only fun but also very convenient with its wonderful features. Be it live class recording feature, student notification feature, whiteboard feature, hand-raise feature, etc. the app surprises me each day. I never thought I'd be able to teach so efficiently. My students love attending  my classes, we interact and learn from each other. Teachmint has changed my perspective towards online teaching and quality education. I remember the times when an NEET or JEE aspirant moved to Kota, UPSC aspirants moved to Mukherjee Nagar, CA aspirants moved to Lakshmi Nagar in order to study from a particular teacher. Thousands of students sacrifice a lot every year, leaving their home, family, friends, and everything back just to gain knowledge and have access to quality education. I was one of them, and hence I know the struggle. But now with an amazing online teaching platform like Teachmint, teachers from any corner can conduct classes. Thousands of students won’t have to leave their family and homes for quality education anymore, then can attend online classes of their favorite teacher on a click.  With Teachmint, every child can have access to quality education.”

Suraj sir also shares that he likes his classes to be engaging because as a student he loved interactive-learning too. He says that his teachers are his biggest support system, mentor, and inspiration. He implements unique teaching strategies and methods(that he learned from his teachers) in his class to simplify the concepts for his students. He gives the major share of credit to his teachers for making him the person he is today. Suraj sir strongly believes that students should invest their time in learning new skills. He thinks that the students of the 21st century are blessed to have such amazing resources that make learning very convenient for them.

He says that even though he is a teacher today, he is a student for life. He loves learning, he loves teaching, and we love his passion for what he does. Teachmint is proud to be associated with such an amazing teacher. Wishing Suraj sir greater heights and success for his future.

Happy Teaching!

Teachmint is keen on changing the future of education with its advanced LMS and ERP tools. With more than 20+ modules for educational institutions like admission management, attendance management system, performance management, and more; it is changing the teaching-learning experience.

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