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How To Become An English Teacher?

Teaching English is not merely a profession but an art as well. So, before you ask, how to become an English teacher? You must ask yourself if you have the art of teaching? If the answer is yes, then read this article till the end.

The job of an English teacher is not limited to coming to the class, dictating a few fancy words, and leaving the classroom after the period. Teaching is a noble profession, where teachers pass on their knowledge to students to make a better future.

When it is about the future, you can't deny the importance of English. Hence, the role of the English teacher comes into play.

Most English teachers have one thing in common, and that is passion. They are passionate about their work. Even you may have experienced this in your school days. How cool were your English teachers? Right!

However, in today's competitive education sector, only art and passion are not enough. You must possess some other qualities, degrees, and certificates under your arm. Here are the few things you have to follow to become an English teacher.

Get A Degree In English

The first thing you need to have is a degree from an accredited college or university. You can have any of the following degrees:

  • Bachelors' degree in elementary education
  • Bachelors' degree in secondary education
  • Masters' degree in English
  • Ph.D. in English

Before applying to an English teacher training program, the aspirants have to complete two years of general education courses to fulfil the educational criteria.

Nearly every institute offers a teachers' training program in its curriculum.

The teachers' training program helps in developing your teaching skills. It includes

You should always check if your college has a teachers' training program or not. If you have already joined a college that doesn't have the training program, go for an individual teacher training program or work as a substitute teacher in any school.

Go For Teaching Internships

An internship is the best way to apply your learning in a real-life environment. It helps you develop from a naïve teacher to a professional educator. It gives you responsibilities that help you in performing different scenarios.

Make sure the internship you are going to do focuses on teaching English and related subjects. These days, most colleges have systems in place to assist graduates in finding student teaching internships.

Clear Teaching Certificate

If you are thinking having a degree and doing an internship is enough, then wait! Every state has a certification program that you need to crack. Nowadays, it is even mandatory in nearly every state. These exams check the skills and knowledge you get during your training.

Most states will not even give you a teaching job in government schools or colleges without passing the state certification exams. Not only this, but many states also ask you to pass a criminal background check for security purposes.  

Masters' Degree

A bachelor's degree is sufficient for some states. However, many states demand a master's degree to give you the permanent teaching certification. If you reside or work in such a state, then doing the master's is not an option but a necessity. Also, going for a master's has various benefits, as listed below:

  • It will help you develop competence in the field of English.
  • You can get the chance to work globally.
  • You will get prepared to teach at the university level.
  • Open the doors for having a PhD in English.

All in all, a master's degree is beneficial for your English teaching career.

Make A Powerful Resume

You may be wondering or laughing after reading this subheading, as you are aware of the resume. But, do you give much importance to it? Many people think the resume is just a piece of information about them to get the job. It is true to even some extent but does not tell the complete story. A resume is your key to the school or university you are looking to join as an English teacher.

As a famous saying goes by - the first impression is the last impression.

A resume is the first impression of your personality. Keeping it for the last and writing anything or everything on it can hurt your profession.

So, it is important to create a professional, well-organized resume that showcases your educational accomplishments, certification, essential abilities, and any relevant experience.

Bonus: Use the keywords you find in English teacher job advertisements for better reach.

Don't Stop! Advance Your Career

Degree, certifications, and training, all done! Now you have achieved everything! Right? The answer is NO! When you start thinking that you have achieved everything, you will get forever stuck where you are. There is always a scope for improvement. As an English teacher, you must attend seminars and various training programs. These will help you to become a dean or principal of a school. The more your resume gets heavier with awards and accolades, the more success you will see as a teacher. Even if you prefer not to leave the class and continue teaching, these steps will help you become a department head or a teacher mentor.

Bottom line

Teaching is a challenging profession where you have to deal with students of different mindsets and understanding. Thus, it becomes necessary to have the right skillset and experience to deal with such challenges. All you need to do is to apply them.

Once you become a certified English teacher, there is no coming back. You can also get the chance to travel around the world as English is a global language.

On top of that, it is a high-paying job, and the salary keeps on increasing quickly with your experience. Besides, the feeling you will have from the accomplishments of your students will be surreal.

Hopefully, these tips to become an English teacher might help you in your journey. Good luck with your future endeavors!  

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