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World Health Day


World Health Day is celebrated on the 7th of April every year. However, during its conception the World Health Organization celebrated it on the 22nd of July in 1949. This date was later changed to April 7th, the day they put forth the proposition of a World Health Day, to encourage the participation of students as well. It is celebrated as an International Day of Awareness sponsored by the World Health Organization.

What is an International Day of Awareness?

An international awareness day or observance day is a date that is usually set by a major organisation or government in order to come rate and ethical or public health cause of importance either on an international level or the national level. An international observing stay also referred to as an international dedication or international anniversary is a particular period of time where some issue of international interest or concern is observed. This day is used to commemorate, mobilise and promote action towards that particular cause. The decision to observe an international observance day is usually suggested and implemented by organizations like:

  • The World Health organization WHO

The United Nations educational scientific and cultural organization UNESCO

  • World Trade Organization
  • United Nations general assembly
  • Economic and social council, among others

World Health Day is also an International Observance Day as well.

List of Themes for World Health Day Over The Years

1991: Should Disaster Strike, Be Prepared

1992: Heartbeat: A Rhythm Of Health

1993: Handle Life With Care: Prevent Violence And Negligence

1994: Oral Health For A Healthy Life

1995: Global Polio Eradication

1996: Healthy Cities For A Better Life

1997: Emerging Infectious Diseases

1998: Safe Motherhood

1999: Active Aging Makes The Difference

2000: Safe Blood Starts With Me

2001: Mental Health: Stop Exclusion, Dare To Care

2002: Move For Health

2003: Shape The Future Of Life: Healthy Environments For Children

2004: Road Safety

2005: Make Every Mother And Child Count

2006: Working Together For Health

2007: International Health Security

2008: Protecting Health From The Adverse Effects Of Climate Change

2009: Save Lives, Make Hospitals Safe In Emergencies

2010: Urbanization And Health: Make Cities Healthier

2011: Antimicrobial Resistance: No Action Today, No Cure Tomorrow

2012: Good Health Adds Life To Years

2013: Healthy Heartbeat, Healthy Blood Pressure

2014: Vector-Borne Diseases: Small Bite, Big Threat

2015: Food Safety

2016: Halt The Rise: Beat Diabetes

2017: Depression: Let's Talk

2018: Universal Health Coverage:: Everyone, Everywhere

2019: Universal Health Coverage:: Everyone, Everywhere

2020: Support Nurses And Midwives

2021: Building A Fairer And Healthier World For Everyone

2022: Our Planet, Our Health

Theme for World Health Day 2022

As mentioned earlier, the theme of World Health Day for the year 2022 is ‘Our planet, Our Health’. In the face of the current pandemic, an increasing incidence of diseases, and an increasingly polluted planet, this seems like a very good opportunity to bring to light preventive measures for these problems. This theme was chosen by the World Health organization WHO, the pan American Health organization PAHO, and their partners. The year 2022 poses a unique opportunity for a healthy and green recovery from the COVID 19 Pandemic that put the health of millions of individuals on the line and the planet at the center of action. It aims at fostering movement toward creating a society that is focused on general well-being and a holistic living experience.

In recent decades, environmental protection, economic development, and enhancement in health services have helped improve the health of people across the world. Even though that is the case, an estimated 1 million premature that's take place per year in the Americas alone and these are attributed often to known avoidable environmental risks.

Contaminated water, inadequate sanitation, air pollution, solid waste management, negative impacts of climate change and risks related to hazardous chemicals are some of the most pressing matters when it comes to environmental public health threats in the world today. Such issues require the combined effort of governments as well as the people.

The theme of this year's World Health Day 2022 is a powerful reminder to everyone that the resolution of many of these issues are outside the realm of the health sector which in turn consequently will demand whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches to fix them.


World Health Day is a day where the most relevant health issues of a particular time are highlighted, so it is important to hold such events every year. Subjects such as safe drinking water, clean air, sanitation, healthy food, etc. are often highlighted on World Health Day, which is quite frankly the need of the hour.

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