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10 Reasons Why Teachers Should Use Quizzes in Classroom

Have you ever solved quizzes when you were young? Wasn’t it interesting and fun to solve a problem? Many of us waited for our favorite weekly magazines just to solve crosswords or the odd one-out questions. It was an engaging and informative activity. As a teacher, you can use quizzes in your classroom to make learning fun for your students. Here are a few reasons that may make you think of using this engaging activity in your classroom.

Benefits of using quizzes in the classroom

It is a fun activity

Simply put, participating in quizzes is a fun activity for every student. In the process, they learn a lot and try to provide their best. We all know when learning is fun, we understand better and give our best shot. As a teacher, you can incorporate this activity into the classroom to lighten up classroom stress and anxiety. To encourage participation, try to gamify this activity. Allot marks for right and wrong answers.

It raises confidence

Try to incorporate well-targeted and tailor-made quizzes into the curriculum. It boosts self-esteem and confidence in students. A fun quiz can take off the pressure brought in by a test and other forms of assessment. Quizzes also enable students to make mistakes privately.

It identifies progress and aid planning

You can use the quiz as a pre-topic assessment or at a midway point. It lets you understand the learning progress of students and how they have understood the concept. You can understand the individual learning curve and plan your next steps accordingly. It also gives you an idea of what you can do and how you can mold your teaching methods to bring out the best in your students.

It supports individualized learning

Quizzes enable every student to participate in the same task but it still creates differentiation. For example, you can apply the same design to a quiz and learning material but can include different questions. You can adjust the difficulty level by choosing easy, moderate, or complex questions. If you are witnessing a decline in students’ performance, you can modify the teaching techniques and help each pupil reach their full potential.

It is great for plenaries

Conducting a quiz session at the end of a chapter helps you know which student needs help in understanding the concepts again. It provides a quick overview of where you can challenge your students and what additional support you can offer them. You can design a set of questions to be asked to pupils at the end of a chapter or course. Quizzes also enable students to access their learning independently.

It helps at the end of topic assessments

Conducting quizzes after teaching a particular chapter is a great way to assess students’ learning. Moreover, it also informs you about further follow-ups. You can achieve the objective of enhancing the learning curve of your students by including this activity as a part of student assessment.

It makes a good revision tool

Pre-test quizzes help students revise the topics. As a result, they are able to perform better in different assessment tests. Moreover, it also makes them aware of their knowledge gaps, and they work towards filling those gaps.

It is a good tool for giving feedback

You can use this fun activity in various ways. You can either use it as a stringent method to rate student performance. Moreover, you can use a quiz to provide feedback to students. After evaluating students’ answers, you can provide them feedback on areas that require improvement. Moreover, you are better able to judge their understanding and misunderstandings.

It encourages self-assessment

By participating in quizzes, students get instant feedback on their performance and what they can do to maintain excellence. Moreover, students who cannot perform well get insights into the topics or areas where they need to improve. Such self-awareness supports a growth mindset and fosters life-long learning.

It helps analyze classroom performance

You can track and monitor your student's performance with the help of a quiz. Moreover, you can maintain a record of your student's scores and responses and provide feedback. It will help them improve their performance.

A quiz can support students in their learning journey. They can learn about their strengths and weaknesses through this form of assessment. Moreover, it serves as a tool to revise various concepts.  

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