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How to Study for Class 11th Maths

MATHEMATICS! The mere thought of integration and differentiation used to send shivers down the spine. Class 11th is thought to be an advanced level of class 9th because it delves deeper into the key fundamentals and subjects studied in class 9. Class 11 differs from previous classes in terms of course content. This is one of the reasons why most students feel nervous and anxious after finishing 10th grade. However, for many, 11th grade may seem like a refreshing relief. But, the difficulty level of class 11th will become apparent sooner or later. In terms of course content, 11th-grade maths is vastly different from what the students have studied up to this point. This is where a student can use all the help possible in terms of extra practice, thus an 11th maths guide proves to be immensely helpful.

Class 11 is the first step toward 12th grade, which is the bigger step toward your dream university and, eventually, your line of work. It is significant because preparing for the Class 11 exams helps lay the groundwork for preparing for and doing well in the Class 12 exams. Students will need to hang tight and prioritize if they want to meet their objectives. This includes paying attention to the study materials they use as references during exam preparation. As a result, having access to the best 11th math guide and other reference books is critical.

Instead of taking the syllabus lightly, it is of utmost importance that careful attention is paid to subjects like math, which require a great deal of practice and concentration. The use of a reliable 11th math guide helps in giving direction when the students fail to find the solution and get stuck while studying.

Reference books are not just guiding stars but they also help in explaining the subject in-depth and give detailed information on each topic. RS Agrawal and RD Sharma are the top choices to gather elaborate knowledge on the subject.

Advantages of Using a Guide Book

Students must look well beyond the course book to gain knowledge and discuss topics in a clever, problem-solving, and interactive way. A reliable guide can help the students in multiple ways such as:-

  • In general, they help in solving doubts and present extra material for practice which helps the students in acing the subject.
  • They bridge the gap between learning and comprehension.
  • It provides a wider perspective on the subject and supplements classroom teaching.
  • They contribute to a better understanding of the concept and expand the knowledge of the student.
  • As these books contain a detailed analysis of the subject along with the solutions, dealing with subjects like math becomes easier.
  • Guide books and reference books also serve as a great companion for a quick brush-up of the subject and save a lot of time when the student wishes to undertake a quick revision.

Tips to Study Well

Other than taking help from the 11th Maths guide and other reference books for attaining clarity on the subjects, here are a few tips that would prove advantageous while preparing for class 11th:-

  • Stay focused

Studying can be tough especially in this age and time of social media. Discovering where you work the best is an important part of any productive study session. Some find the silence of a library to be extremely important, but for others, the light buzz of a local café can provide just the right amount of background noise to help them focus.

  • Attend classes properly in school

Missing classes in school should be a rare occurrence. Attending the classes in school is important not only from the syllabus point of view but also helps in getting the required understanding of the subject. NCERT forms the basis of all study material and it is through school teaching that a student can get a proper understanding of it.

  • Do not hesitate to take help from guidebooks

With difficult subjects which call for extra practice, students should not feel hesitant while taking help from guide books. 11th maths guide, like RD Sharma and RS Agrawal, help to deepen the understanding of the subject.

  • Draw up a schedule

Making a schedule will assist you in balancing your studies with numerous day-to-day tasks. This is easily one of the most significant things a student can do to effectively manage your time and plan your day. Make a schedule from the time you wake up until you go to bed, thus wrapping up the day. Create a chart of your daily routine and divide your study time into different subjects at regular intervals. It is a good idea to make a list of the subjects you want to study each day. Once you've studied a concept, check it off the list or cross it out.

  • Study smartly

Upon having completed 10th grade, most students become perplexed when they are assigned to a stream and introduced to new subjects. Many students use tricks to memorize subjects, but you should not turn to cram subjects regardless of your field. The key to education is to understand each concept rather than memorize it. A well-understood topic will remain in your long-term memory. Clearing your fundamental understanding of a subject will aid you in efficiently comprehending it. Wherever you are stuck, seek assistance from your teachers.

  • Mix it up

Mix and match are some of the most popular methods of studying effectively. Choose two subjects per day and alternate between them (not more than twice). This exercise will significantly improve your ability to comprehend and retain information. Continue to rotate the subjects and disciplines every week to avoid boredom while also increasing your effectiveness in covering more syllabus. Take a theoretical subject and a practical subject like Maths which will help you challenge your brain which will ultimately help you concentrate better.


To master a subject like Maths it is important to keep practicing, the more you practice the better it will be for you to gain an understanding of your shortcomings, and this is where the 11th Maths guide would prove to be a great friend and present you with the solutions and extra questions to practice even further.

For reliable math study materials, click here.

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